Friday, March 31, 2006 

Have a good weekend

Thursday, March 30, 2006 

My parents love birthdays, they celebrate each one with presents and cake. When I was a kid and when I had a birthday I got to choose what kind of cake I would get. Mom would make me whatever I wanted, she had an ancient cake decorating set and would put all that gooey rich icing that adults hate and kids love.

When I lived with them we would call any relative who had a birthday and then my parents, my sister and I would sing happy birthday at the top of our lungs to the lucky birthday person.

When I went to college my first birthday away from home mom and dad sang happy birthday to me. I remember it distinctly as my first phone call birthday singing. I have looked forward to that call every year since then. It is fun to hear 80 something year old people singing happy birthday at the top of their lungs. I know I will miss that call a lot when I get old myself.

When you sing happy birthday to someone you acknowledge that that person has lived another year. That is something a lot of people did not do this last year.

When my kids have a birthday, I go stomping into their room before they wake up. I start singing happy birthday at the top of my lungs. Then I pick them up over my head and march through the house singing to them. Then I feed them breakfast. I would imagine it is a memorable event for a young kid. They seem to enjoy it. They also get to eat cake for breakfast. It’s a fun day all around.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 

Snagley Fan Club

The formation of the Snagley fan club is in the works

Each member will receive a t-shirt. The design is shown below.

The Snagley fan club members will be required to do the following.

1. Recite the Snagley club motto. (Feed your Chickens)
2. Know all the words to Iron butterflys In a gadda-da-vida
3. Say something slanderous about Chuck
4. Dance naked in the sweet dew in the morning (I’ll just take your word for it on this one.)

Dues will be 10,000.00 billed annually.Please sign up below.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006 

How about you.

Who can relate

1. My new favorite food is turnip greens and corn bread with pepper sauce.
2. My favorite color is green
3. My favorite drink is 47 pound rooster merlot
4. My favorite Television program is My name is Earl.
5. My favorite movie of all time is The Good the Bad and the Ugly.
6. My favorite Place is the beach behind Fort Morgan.
7. My favorite Song is Happy Birthday
8. My favorite restaurant is The Fish Market
9. My favorite candy is jelly beans
10. My favorite tree is a water oak
11. My favorite flower is a red spider lily
12. My favorite book is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Sorry this is even boring me,
that is all I could come up with.......

Monday, March 27, 2006 

I need a vacation

I need a vacation badly.
Last year I came up with a 10 ten signs that you need a vacation.
I have 10 new ones.

1. Sleeping late means staying in bed until 6:45 am
2. Your skin is so pasty white that you have twice been mistaken for dead.
3. People are afraid to approach you at work for fear of being bitten.
4. Your kids don’t believe there really are oceans.
5. You let your company web domain expire
6. You keep getting sand out of the kids sand box and putting it in your underwear to remind you of the beach.
7. You recently had a web blog post of pi to the 1000 decimal
8. The highlight of your day is gathering eggs.
9. You just shot 6 holes in your freezer
10. Your last vacation consisted of working your butt off.

Friday, March 24, 2006 

Friday foot fest.

I give you my right foot.
It is a friday foot post.
Please take note of the lack of toe jam.
Any of you that have a foot fetish please do not look longingly at my foot.

Snagley out.

Thursday, March 23, 2006 

Pi to the 1000th decimil

In light of Chucks criticism of my post being more boring than a room full of nothing i give you pi to the 1000th decimil.

What could possibly be more exciting that pi.

3. 14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679 82148 08651 32823 06647 09384 46095 50582 23172 53594 08128 48111 74502 84102 70193 85211 05559 64462 29489 54930 38196 44288 10975 66593 34461 28475 64823 37867 83165 27120 19091 45648 56692 34603 48610 45432 66482 13393 60726 02491 41273 72458 70066 06315 58817 48815 20920 96282 92540 91715 36436 78925 90360 01133 05305 48820 46652 13841 46951 94151 16094 33057 27036 57595 91953 09218 61173 81932 61179 31051 18548 07446 23799 62749 56735 18857 52724 89122 79381 83011 94912 98336 73362 44065 66430 86021 39494 63952 24737 19070 21798 60943 70277 05392 17176 29317 67523 84674 81846 76694 05132 00056 81271 45263 56082 77857 71342 75778 96091 73637 17872 14684 40901 22495 34301 46549 58537 10507 92279 68925 89235 42019 95611 21290 21960 86403 44181 59813 62977 47713 09960 51870 72113 49999 99837 29780 49951 05973 17328 16096 31859 50244 59455 34690 83026 42522 30825 33446 85035 26193 11881 71010 00313 78387 52886 58753 32083 81420 61717 76691 47303 59825 34904 28755 46873 11595 62863 88235 37875 93751 95778 18577 80532 17122 68066 13001 92787 66111 95909 21642 01989

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

A day in the life

Hi Snagley is out today so he has asked his rooster Soggy Bottom to quest post for today
So without further delay he will diagram his day for you. I am Bo’s administrative assistant Cecil I will be taking dictation for Soggy Bottom today.

3:59 am Wake up.
4:00 am Crow my brains out.
4:01 am Crow my brains out.
4:02 am Continue crowing my brains out until 5:15 am
5:16 am Peck around at the dirt.
5:22 am scratch the dirt with my feet.
6:15 am here comes Snagley to throw me some corn. I think I will show off by mating with several of the hens.
6:16 am Bask in the afterglow
6:17 am Dodge corn thrown at me by Snagley.
6:18 am Watch the hens eat corn.
6:19 am Poop
6:20 am eat some corn
6:30 am Those Snagley kids are out. Maybe they will pull some turnip greens and throw them in the coop if I crow my brains out.
6:35 am Eat turnip greens like a pig.
7:00 am breed with hen stupid enough to get within reach
7:01 am Spend more time basking in the afterglow
8:00 am Roll around in the dirt
8:15 am shake the dirt out of my feathers.
8:30 am spend some time breeding with some more hens
8:31 am climb up to the top of the roost and bask in the afterglow.
9:45 am Run around like crazy trying to catch a bug
10:39 am Crow my brains out.
12:15 pm poop
1:00 pm here comes Snagley’s wife with some vegetable scraps. I think I will try to scare her by crowing my brains out.
1:01 pm Eat vegetable scraps
1:19 pm poop
2:00 pm breed with random hen that wandered by
2:01 pm crow my brains out.
2:02 pm bask in the afterglow
2:02 pm wait on Snagley to get home and throw some more corn
5:30 pm sorry took a nap.
5:35 pm Snagley is back, climb on his shoulder
5:35 pm Eat corn out of Snagley’s hand
6:00 pm poop
6:01 pm herd hens onto the roost.
6:05 pm POOP
6:15 pm Sleep

Its good to be the rooster.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

Uncle Albert

My Uncle Albert is dead. He died 6 years ago so condolences are not necessary. He was a fun guy. He loved to tell jokes. He had the comedic timing and delivery of a parking meter. He could not remember the jokes, so he wrote them on 3x5 cards and kept a bunch of them in his shirt pocket at all times. This caused his wife great consternation. At family reunions he would grab you with a vice like grip just above the elbow and in a deadpan voice read you the jokes off of the weathered 3x5 cards. It was a lovely experience. He had a weird temper for a person who liked to tell jokes. If he felt that he was not getting the respect he deserved he would yell and fuss and try to pick a fight.

Today’s story gentle readers is set in 1962, he and his family were driving to Miami from Alabama. It is about a 20-hour drive. He had a brand new Lincoln Town Car. He was one of those guys that will not stop for anything and there was no way he was driving to Miami and stopping ever 10 minutes for something so inconsequential as one of his sons taking a leak. He had two boys 7 and 12.

On this particular day they were driving in central Florida at about 10:00 am. They had a big breakfast at the Huddle House restaurant which should last them till 2:00. Uncle Albert was making good time by all accounts when my cousin Clarence announced he had to use the bathroom. This was met with a “sorry son we are making good time you will have to wait till lunch”. Clarence new it would be 4 hours till lunch and there was no way he would make it till then. He held it for as long as he could and announced again that unless he went soon he would be wetting his pants. He was met with another “sorry son you can hold it” My aunt browbeat Uncle Albert until he finally said “give him a cup to pee in I am not stopping until Ocala. My Aunt handing Clarence a large cup and Clarence quickly filled it to the brim. He handed it to Aunt Janice who then as was their custom handed it to Uncle Albert who would fling it out the window without stoping and without getting pee all over his window. Well this day he forgot that he had the air conditioning on and had the windows up and flung the cup of pee into the closed window and all over himself and his new 1962 Lincoln town car.

What made me think of this story is I went to see Aunt Janice yesterday. She told me this story. We both laughed until we had tears in our eyes. She said that it was the first time 44 years that she felt she could tell the story and laugh. Uncle Albert never thought it was funny.

Happy birthday Uncle Albert

Monday, March 20, 2006 

College stories

My old buddy Chuck requested three posts.
The first request will take some time
So today I will concentrate on the second two.

I was on a flight with my wife to Kazakhstan in 1999 and we were in our seats relaxing in the Chicago airport when a young lady boarded the plane. She was a slender attractive woman carrying a large carry on bag. She was wearing a short dress and looking like a very professional woman. I noticed her only because she said I was in her seat. I explained to her that she had the seat across the isle from me. She turned around and picked up the huge carry on bag and lifted it above her head to stuff it into the overhead. I turned my head to glance her way when I noticed that her bare behind was staring me in the face. I spit water all over the floor and elbowed my wife. She looked over at her butt spilled Pepsi on my lap trying to laugh quietly without drawing attention to the bare bottomed woman. Evidently the woman was preparing to travel 13 hours one way to Frankfurt in a mini dress with no underwear. She not only mooned my wife and me, but also flashed her loins to the man already sitting in the window seat in her row. He seemed to appreciate the show greatly, as he probably did not receive this view from strange women in airplanes. When we arrived in Frankfurt as she started to reach for the overhead several people on the plane rushed to her assistance insisting that they, not her, retrieve her bag.

The Moral of this story, put on some drawers when you go out in public you might have to reach for a bag.

Story Two.
Chuck and I were sitting in our dorm room one Saturday night. The college we went to was small and what I call a suit case college. Everyone went home on the weekends. This made it profoundly boring for those of us stuck there. This also caused much chaos as we searched for stuff to break the monotony. I can’t remember the time but I said to Chuck, “lets go get some Southern Farms Mesquite B-BQ potato chips at the local Junior Foods Store. We went there and they were out. So one of us thought out loud lets go to the mall. The odd thing was that the mall was closed. We hopped into my 1971 metallic pea 4 door Chevy Nova and started that way. For some odd reason we decided to do so in our underwear. This was not our normal practice. It took us about an hour as we decided to go by the most populated route. When we arrived at the mall it was close to midnight. We did the only logical thing we could think of. We drove to the top of the parking deck and peed off the top. Then we drove back to the dorm.

You might ask why we did such a thing and was alcohol involved.

To answer the first question I honestly have no idea. We did a great number of things out of extreme boredom that have no rational explanation. We climbed water towers, buildings, A group of guys and I once covered our selves with shaving cream and sang frosty the snow man to all of the sororities on campus, i did a number of very stupid things that have no logical explination.

The second question no alcohol was involved.

Friday, March 17, 2006 

request a post

Chuck has brought it to my attention that my posts are more boring than a convention of city planners discussing sewer flow rates.

So in an effort to spice it up a bit I offer the following, request a post of Snagley.

Give me requests for posts and I will fill them.

for example you could request a post on how Bo Snagley collects eggs, or how Snagley washes his feet.

the possibilities are endless.

well get on with it.

Snagley Out


I will take it under advisement.

I use a pressure washer to remove the dirt from beneath my toenails. I have been trimming them with a set of bolt cutters.

Yes Chuck does need help. A team of psychiatrists working around the clock for the next 10 years, might make a dent.

My favorite sandwich is ham cut from a bone in ham, warmed with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, on home made whole wheat bread lightly toasted. It must be cut diagonally with miracle whip salad dressing added after the toasting and ham warming and Beaver brand honey mustard, with a whole dill pickle on the side. It must be served before the bread has a chance to cool so any side items must be prepared prior with the plate prepared and waiting.


I will get a chicken post for next week

Chuck is right.
That night was just before his wedding. He took me out with his two attractive cousins and a woman I think was his grandmother. The two attractive cousins got free drinks so they kept getting me highballs and tequila shooters. I drank 6 highballs and 5 shooters. I scarcely remember the rest of the evening other than being poured into bed and barfing into a trashcan. Chuck said that I practiced tai chi at the bar, flirted borderline offensively, with his cousins, exposed myself to his grandmother, and sang the Jose Cuervo drinking song a lot. It was a memorable night for those involved.

I keep my socks stuffed into the drawer in general chaos and disorder which is representative of my outlook on life.


Your request will require an entire post not a reply. Give you some time you impatient nincompoop.

Thursday, March 16, 2006 

DNA strand in Nebula

How cool is this.

"Nobody has ever seen anything like that before in the cosmic realm," said Mark Morris of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Most nebulae are "formless, amorphous conglomerations of dust and gas," Morris said in a statement, adding that this one "indicates a high degree of order."

The discovery of the twisted nebula, which stretches across 80 light-years at the center of the Milky Way, the galaxy that includes Earth, was reported in the current edition of the journal Nature.

A light-year is about 6 trillion miles (10 trillion kilometers), the distance light travels in a year.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

If Debra Jackson is not from Alabama she is missing a great opportunity.

I dont think anything else needs to be said.

Monday, March 13, 2006 

The boy is ok and (64 Snagley years)

My boy is ok. He has a problem that will take about 1 year to fully recover from.
Of all the things it could have been this is the best possible outcome.
I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about his problem, but thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

In other news today is my parents 64th aniversary. Dad and Mom are getting dressed up and he is taking her out to a nice resturant. Yesterday was Moms 81st birthday.
I think they need a medal for putting up with one another for that length of time.

I was thinking about my wedding vows lastnight and i have written some new ones.

do you promise

1. to make passionate love to you wife. but only your wife till one of you dies.
2. When you knock her up do you promise to clean up all the barf after working a 16 hour day
3. Do you promise to still choose to love her when she is mad at you and will not speak to you. because of a missunderstanding.
4. When you start raising kids do you promise you will be there at night to sing to them and put them in the bed.
5. If she gets so overwhelmed with life and chaos. do you promise to send her on vacation with her best friend.
6. Do you promise to love her regardless of how you feel. Regardless of how she treats you. regardless of how she smells.
7. Do you promise to treat her good even if she leaves dirty dishes in the sink.

I could go on and on but i think you get the jist of what i am trying to say. You dont make it 64 years on luck and long life alone. You have to live for the other person.
In the twilight of their lives they are still loving each other.
they have loved each other through a World War, a son in Vietnam, and through 5 kids ,the oldest is 58 the youngest is 36".

I am getting sort of sentimental so
Snagley Out.

Friday, March 10, 2006 

My boy.
my oldest boy is 7.
he looks like me with a different color hair.
He thinks like me. We have the same sence of humor. He likes the same things i like.
The other day my wife asked us to pick a number we both picked the same one, three times.
When he was 4 his mother was sick with our number 3, and i was away due to work, he got his brother who was crying in the rocking chair and sang and rocked him to sleep.
He is freakishly strong. he can climb a rope the size of my thumb 20 feet from a swing to the tree holding it and hang there.
I can tell him to go to the chicken coop feed the hens, lock the door and come back, and i dont have to worry about him not doing it or doing it wrong.
He drinks coffee with me each saturday in the workshop and we talk about life.
He is at Childrens hospital with his mom, and i am at this stupid ass desk waiting to hear about some tests.
I am a freaking nervous wreck.
I dont want to go into what test or anything.
I love all my kids equally but #1 is on my mind now.
Snagley out.

Thursday, March 09, 2006 

free range backyard jumbo gerbil plus.

Well I took Murf's advise. and got a "free range backyard jumbo gerbil plus".
I got him at my local free range backyard jumbo gerbil plus "R" us.

We named him Yoko.

The only problem i have with him is that he keeps beating up my cats.
I guess if we can keep him away from the chickens the cats can fend for themselves.

The picture was taken in my workshop. He was fighting to be let in. Murf i thought you said these things did not beg to be let in.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

One less Snagley

Well it was another hard night at the Snagley home.
My stupid dog Patsy was hit by a car and died.
The kids took it hard especially son #2. Son #1 hugged him and they both cried for hours. We went to get ice cream and that helped some. Then we came home and then Son #1 broke down, after much rocking in the beloved rocking chair he went to sleep.

In all truth I never really liked the dog all that much. She pooped and peed all over my workshop, and chewed up many of my belongings. I have been around dogs all my life this one was a dim bulb. But my kids loved her, and I took care of her and spend untold dollars on her.
I don’t know if I will get another dog anytime soon. I am sure the kids will give me the big doe eyes and I will get them one. It will not be a beagle or another hunting dog. I need a dog that does not like to move around a lot, and knows a good deal when it sees it. Those dogs are few and far between.
Well good-bye Patsy.

In other news
Murphy has alerted me that the inscription on my afore blogged ring bears an all caps chineese message that is less than flattering. Thanks for the heads up Murf. I have installed the ring on the leg of one of my chickens. Unfortunately the chicken has since disappeared. I do hear a haunting crowing every morning. Oh well easy come easy go.

Monday, March 06, 2006 

Snagley's Ring

I found this ring in a cave.
I have been wearing it ever since.
What do you think.

This is a rare Snagley photo so enjoy it.
Please note the rugged masculinity present in the photo.

Snagley out.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 

Snagley goes into business for himself.

I have decided to start my own business.

I have looked onto different products for one what everybody needs but few receive.

I have developed a pricing structure so that every man, woman, and child get one.

What am I selling? A good swift kick in the butt.

After looking far and wide I have found few people who do not truly need and or deserve one.

I have a large foot fully capable of kicking as many butts as I come across.

I even plan to purchase a steel-toed boot.

I am selling them for $5.00

I am offering democrats and liberals one at half price.

Chuck can get one for free.

So start lining up. I am taking orders.

You can even purchase one for someone you love that needs one badly.

All that is required is the ability to bend over, and a butt, and it goes without saying $5.00

Please leave your orders and I will begin filling them ASAP.

Snagley out.

P.S. you can only buy them from me, not for me.


As some of you know i love space. It makes me feel very small. If you have not pondered the vastness of space and how small you are compared to it you need to. I may post on it soon. anyway hubble put forth this picture recently. I am facinated by the dots in the background which are more galazies of simular size to the one displayed in the foreground. after you look at it and comtemplate the idea, try to not run screaming from the room.

Giant galaxies weren't assembled in a day. Neither was this Hubble Space Telescope image of the face-on spiral galaxy Messier 101 (M101). It is the largest and most detailed photo of a spiral galaxy that has ever been released from Hubble. The galaxy's portrait is actually composed of 51 individual Hubble exposures, in addition to elements from images from ground-based photos. The final composite image measures whopping 16,000 by 12,000 pixels.
The giant spiral disk of stars, dust, and gas is 170,000 light-years across or nearly twice the diameter of our galaxy, the Milky Way. M101 is estimated to contain at least one trillion stars. Approximately 100 billion of these stars could be like our Sun in terms of temperature and lifetime.The galaxy's spiral arms are sprinkled with large regions of star-forming nebulae. These nebulae are areas of intense star formation within giant molecular hydrogen clouds. Brilliant young clusters of hot, blue, newborn stars trace out the spiral arms. The disk of M101 is so thin that Hubble easily sees many more distant galaxies lying behind the galaxy.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Guess what i found the cable for my digital camera.

So i give you DASHBOARD.