Tuesday, September 30, 2008 

answers to questions

1. Chickie, I have no birthmarks. I do wish somone would take them.

2. Christoph About 3 years is the max. Yes most of the chicken you get in stores is 6-months old or less when they get old they get stringy and chicken salad or dumplings is about all they are good for. If you tried to fry an old chicken it would be like trying to eat a piece of tractor tire.
My dream tractor would be anything brand new, but I am trying to find a Ford 8N. They were made back in the 1950s; they were overbuilt so they are still reliable and not too hard to find parts for. The one in the link is in Nevada so that does me no good.

3. Christina LMT We have had chicken funerals (very sad) but I don’t have room for 17 chickens + 20 more. Chickens can be mean and the older hens would kill the newer chicks.
I dated my wife for 6 months then asked her to marry me then waited 9 LONG months for the wedding. Once I got to know her, I new I wanted to marry her. If you got to know her you would love her too.

4. Chuck no comment


Monday, September 29, 2008 


From Snagleyshire

I took the garden down Saturday and Sunday cleaned up around the place.
The cubs are coming for the day this weekend and I want the place looking nice.
The adoption is going. We expect a call from a social worker this week.

Our turnip greens are up. And our chickens have stopped laying. They are getting too old.
I am going to get some new chicks in the spring and start over; the big question is what will I do with the old ones. They are too old and tough for much. I may see if I can find a petting zoo or something that wants them. If I clonk them on the head I will have to pay a lot for child therapy.

I am now using a CPAP machine at night. I think it is helping but it is too soon to know for sure.

My oldest son found a 10’ bullwhip at the feed store and bought it in a euphoric rush of Indiana Jones fervor. That is a hoot. He has a black cow boy hat and that whip and plays Indiana Jones all the time its fun being a kid.

I need a tractor, but I can’t find one that I can afford. It’s a pain in the butt being poor. If any of you have a tractor that you need to find a good home for let me know.

This year the garden was a big success. We had tomatoes, peppers, squash and zucchini to excess, peas, green beans, eggplant, watermelon, okra, and for the first time in a long while sweet corn. We have a freezer full of veggies and a cupboard full of canned stuff and jellies, etc.

I love pickled green tomatoes, my old college buddy Chuck was gifted a jar last year and I think he likes them too. If I ever see him again I will give him another jar.

The hay cutters came and cut the hay, it looks good when its cut.

In other news

Coming up next post 10 things about Snagley
You get to choose the 10 things
Go get to voting.
Snagley out


Monday, September 15, 2008 

level 7

as some of you may have recently read.
I Bo Snagley have been declared level 7 wizard by the local chapter of wizards, mugwumps, non-tooth but very masculine fairies, and assorted scum.
Christoph has chosen to make note of this on his blog. thank you Christoph.
I had to eat a plate of dried ladybugs. (quite tasty) to have this honor bestowed upon my humble noggin.
Thanks o'pleanty.

Snagley out


Tuesday, September 09, 2008 

Luann for President

Good grief. Luann is getting a tattoo.

I thought that the republic was in trouble when we have McCain and Obama running for
Neither of which I would put in middle management.
Frankly I think the worst thing for us is if either of them wins. Obama is proving to be a typical political liar, and McCain is no better.

Both flip flop dependant upon which audience they are speaking to. And please don’t try to defend either; it is a sad commentary on our nation when public liars are our only choice.
I know some of you will say, “Well they all do it, whatever it takes to get elected.”
I am tired of that. I want someone with integrity I want a yes to be yes and a no to be no. I don’t want to debate the definition of “is”.

Please write this down, we will not be better off in 4 years than we are now. That says nothing for our current administration. I think history will decide about Bush, I don’t think he is as great as his ardent supporters say or as bad as his detractors. The statement that we will not be better off in 4 years is a sad commentary on Obama and McCain and our lack of choices for the next election.

I think Luann would be a better choice

Back to Luann, her brother, Brad, got a tattoo. That Toni Daytona girl pressured him into it. So now Luann thinks she needs one too, as she said to be unique just like everyone else.

What’s next Ziggy growing a goatee, Dagwood wearing crocs, Garfield goes vegetarian.

Snagley out.

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