Friday, April 29, 2005 

Snagley here
Hey guys I am taking a day off from posting. End of the month is my busiest day of the month so i dont have a lot of time. I have a fairly interesting post planned for Monday so be ready it relates to the chickens of my youth.
I have to go phone is ringing off the hook.
the following is a blog that i found the other day. this guy trespasses onto condemed buildings and takes pictures i think it is interesting.
check it out

The Korman Report

BO Snagley

Thursday, April 28, 2005 

If I could I would

If I could I would

1. Open a sporting goods, bait shop, service station, boat storage thing store.
2. Spend all of my time with my family.
3. Force Chuck to quit tobacco products
4. Learn to paint. No not houses I can do that I just hate to. I am talking like an artist. Not like Jackson Pollock or Salvador Dali, like the French impressionist only I would be an American impressionist I would paint scenes of country barbeques, or of people plowing and have the entire thing slightly out of focus so that people in the gallery would constantly be cleaning their glasses.
5. Spend my entire life helping my children not to have to work for other people.
6. Learn to fish for trout.
7. Raise quail and rabbits
8. Build my daughter a house in my pasture
9. Make my own wine.
10. Be standing on a pier somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico fishing and occasionally have my cold beer and interrupted by a fish.
11. Give more
12. Make love in the green grass beside the radio
13. Communicate love better
14. Create a new brand of spicy mustard that is a cross between spicy brown mustard, honey mustard, and djion mustard. A close copy of “Beaver” brand mustard with slightly more horseradish
15. Make everyone reading this blog a turkey sandwich
16. Own a house 5 to 15 miles from a beach.
17. Own the entire works of Jimmy Buffet (I am telling you the man is a poet)
18. Not wear shoes or long pants from this day forward.
19. Have a conversation with Steven Hawkins
20. Purchase a tent to camp with my boys. (Anyone got one for sale)
21. Build an extra room onto my house
22. Finish writing my book.
23. Become president and commission legitimate scientists with a one billion dollar grant to find me a safe cigarette. Then resign.
24. Go back to college
25. Make love to my wife in the soft early morning, beside the river, as the sun rises through the fog lifting gently off the undulating water like two horny, in heat rabbits,,, Only making it last longer

Well that’s about it. I guess I have given up on world peace.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

Ah sweet ritual

How to fish Sven’s crick

My childhood friend Sven and I have a yearly tradition of fishing the crick behind his parent’s house. We have been doing this since the early 80s. We fished the crick last weekend. This is our story. I ain’t making any of this up it is too good to mess with.

First what is a crick? Well it is defiantly not a creek. A creek is an honest stream. A creek flows tranquilly through a picturesque landscape, it has been known to babble and produce potable water. Deer would drink from a creek. A crick on the other hand is a dastardly flow. It oozes through cow pastures, gathering what nutrients it can from what the cows provide. Cricks never babble they slug and to drink crick water is an exercise in insanity. Deer use cricks only as a means to mire wayward hunters following tracks. Sven’s crick is just such a crick.

I call Sven and tell him I will pick him up at 5:00 am sharp, he says he will be ready. I prepare a sack lunch consisting of a choice turkey sandwich made of ½ pound of turkey crisp lettuce, spicy mustard, tomato, and miracle whip sandwich spread. I include 2 apples a tin of Pringles and a bottle of a&w cream soda. I set alarm and head off to bed. The alarm clock fails to go off. I swear I did not hit the button regardless of what my wife says. I hurriedly get dressed and dash out to the pickup truck forgetting the lunch. My wife and kids eat it for lunch feeding the 4 of them.

I arrive at Sven’s house at 6:15 and blow the horn on the truck. Sven shows up at the door in his underwear wanting to know what the noise is about. I tell him that I have been down here knocking on the door for an over an hours and tell him to get on with it we are missing the best fishing time. He comes out 5 minutes latter looking like something put together by an inept taxidermist.

I ask him where are the worms. The annual argument starts about who is supposed to dig the worms. We finally decide to dig them now. He hands me the shovel. Then the annual argument starts about who is going to do the labor. He wears me down and I dig the worms. I spade up half an acre of ground and find only two worms. Sven says that we should look in his compost pile we get all the worms we need in about 3 minutes. Latter that day he plants his garden on the ground I dug up.

We walk out to the crick. Sven falls in the water. He has done this at some point every year since we were 12 years old. He breaks his record by falling in before he has a chance to put down his worm can. Watch the worms I yell as his head disappears under the slime coating the top of the water. This is why I always argue against a communal worm can, but Svens parents imigrated from Norway and are socialist so I get nowhere with that argument

For the rest of the day we catch two fish a big one and a small one. Sven says he wants to mount the big one, as it is the largest fish he has ever seen in the crick. I remind him that it will cost 20 dollars per inch to mount the fish. He decides not to mount it, as he does not have an extra 80 bucks. I release the small one.

We get chased by a cow, Sven has an encounter with a wasp nest which he disturbs as he runs from a brush pile with a roll or toilet paper in hand. And I loose a shoe when I get stuck in the bottom of the crick and then step on a nail. As we wait together in the doctors office for a tetanus shot we celebrate that we have not after 25 years forgotten the ritual of Sven’s crick. Same thing every year.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 

I could be batman I guess or Snagley to the rescue

Last night I saw a wrecked car on the side of the road. You could tell that it had not been there long. I pulled my truck over and ran to the car. There was a guy sort of crumpled up under where the glove compartment should have been. Our conversation is as follows

Me: Hey Buddy how are you.

Victim: Been better.

Me: Looks like you had an accident.

Victim: Ya think

Me: Pretty sure. Say fella what is your name.

Victim: Carl

Me: Nice to meet you Carl

Carl: Pleased to meet you, whoever you are.

Me: I am sorry where are my manners,, just call me Snagley

Carl: I will do that Snagley…I don’t suppose you have a mobile phone do you.

Me: Yes I do.

Carl: Would you mind calling 911 for me please I think I may need some medical attention

Me: Woops, I guess that would be the thing to do,, (I call 911 and give them directions)
Hey Carl I called 911 help is on the way.

Carl: Thanks

Me: Hey its cold out here you might catch cold I will get you the blanket out of my car don’t want you catching cold.

Carl: Big deal

Me: (after getting blanket) let me tuck this in for you is that good. (only his head is showing)

Carl: I guess

Me: (thinking he may be going into shock I decide to try some light conversation to keep him awake)
Me: Some weather we are having (rain is falling)

Carl: Yeah great, Rain in the ear, I cant get enough of it.

Me: I am building a chicken coop in my back yard. The Wife and I almost finished it yesterday.

Carl: What !?!?

Me: I am building a chicken coop in my back yard. I plan to let my kids sell eggs.

Carl: Listen Snagley I don’t really feel up to light conversation.

Me: Just trying to help.

Uncomfortable pause in the conversation

Me: I guess I could put my raincoat over the hole in the windshield and keep the rain out of your ear.

Carl: Whatever

Me: (I take off my raincoat and realize that it will not fit over the windshield)
Carl I think I will have to cover you with the raincoat it will not fit over the windshield.

Carl: Whatever

Me: (as the fire and rescue drive up I am leaning through the window of the wrecked car with my legs hanging out, thoughtfully placing my only raincoat over Carl in an effort to save him from an nasty case of swimmers ear.)

Fireman: Looks like we got here just in time (a crowd gathers) Look he was almost thrown from the car. Take it easy fellow. I am pulled from the car

Me: He put me down. I am ok

Fireman: Take it easy guy looks like your face took a nasty hit on the windshield.

Me: What are you talking about nothing is wrong with my face mmfff mmrrgg (an oxygen mask is stuffed over my mouth)

Carl: Aagufasdf (He is unheard over the noise of the fire trucks and also being under a blanket and my good and only raincoat.)

Me: Scramble scramble as I slip away into the night to my pickup truck and escape as all good Samaritans should, not asking for any thanks.

I saw on the news last night that Carl was finally found by the guy un hooking the wrecker at the salvage yard an hour latter. He was treated for a broken thumb and high blood pressure.
On TV he was seen leaving the hospital wearing my good raincoat. He said he would like to meet the man who stopped and spoke to him. He said he thought the name was Snabbely. I assume to return my raincoat. I think it would be best if I remain anonymous.

Monday, April 25, 2005 

I'm Back

Well I am back.
Chuck left some interesting post to say the least.
I need not say that his memory is greatly inaccurate.
Largley due to his propensity for illegal drugs and strong drink.
I am including a blog from my past explaining the real first encounter with Chuck.
On a future blog I will explore my old buddy Chuck and his lack of hygene in greater debth.
It is good to be back.

Monday, April 18, 2005 

Bye for a week

I am going out of town for a week.
Chuck from Whats Barf fame will be guest hosting my blog for the week
Give him a hard time for me or he will get soft.

Friday, April 15, 2005 

This is a picture from college,
That is Snagley on the right
Your old buddy Chuck in the middle
You can see a little bit of a moose antler just to the right of my elbow.
We are a good looking bunch aren't we.
Chuck mentioned his stylish accessories ,,, Belt an Glasses.
Snagley out

Thursday, April 14, 2005 

What I want for my kids

1. To be children as long as possible.
2. To grow up when appropriate
3. To live life with passion.
4. To have to work hard
5. To retain innocence that is only found in child.
6. To understand that there are bad people in the world that will take advantage of them.
7. To not take advantage of others.
8. To love to study
9. To have the opportunity to work toward a career that they can embrace
10. To own a sweet dog who grows up with them, and see that animal through its life cycle.
11. For my boys to become Eagle Scouts.
12. To have their father as Scout Master.
13. For my girl to know that her father thinks she is the smartest, prettiest, sweetest girl that I know, second only to her mother.
14. For my children to know that I put my relationship with my wife first.
15. I want them to know that there are things bigger than them.
16. To give to the needy
17. To only work in a damn office if they want to.
18. To be appalled by evil
19. To know that fishing is not entirely about catching fish.
20. To know that hunting is more than ending the life of an innocent animal.
21. To know that they are loved more completely than they can comprehend.
22. To know the feeling of being forgiven
23. To be able to express love with verve
24. To be able to read the classics and appreciate them.
25. To sweat
26. To be able to repair their own cars
27. To know how to milk a cow
28. To know the joy of seeing their children brought into the world.
29. To fly a kite that they built
30. To swim in a creek that they dammed up themselves
31. To only kiss when they love
32. To know that their father loves them
33. To know that their father loves them

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

Save the Dust Bunnies

I know this is not my normal post but,,,,

As some of you know I am an astronomy buff. I like to stay up on this stuff.
This picture is Cosmic dust.
Really complex loops and blobs of cosmic dust that are hidden in the giant elliptical galaxy (NGC1316).
NGC 1316 is on the outskirts of a nearby cluster of galaxies, in the southern constellation of Fornax. (Don’t you just love these names).
It is about 60,000,000 light years away
Or, and you knew this was coming, 352,471,589,744,814,000,000 miles

Anyway what this turned out to be was just a giant blob of dust. A cosmic dust bunny. My point in this, and yes I do have one I that, I think we should embrace dust bunnies. I just need to convince my wife
My platform in my campaign for president in 2008 will be on dust bunny preservation, well that and my ongoing platform,” Money talks”
Snagley Out

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 


Why I like the state of Alabama

Is it the state government?
That would be a hell no. Our state government is so corrupt and petty it is laughable. I moved to North Carolina once (could not move back quickly enough) and was truly embarrassed at the goings on here. At the time the Lieutenant Governor urinated in a jug behind the podium rather that yield the floor. The sad part is I respect him for doing that but it is embarrassing that it has to come to that.

Is it the city government in Birmingham?
That as well would be a hell no. In the City of Birmingham and the surrounding areas from the dog catcher to the Mayors office there is no one in any position with the intelligence to run their office well. It is like our federal government the people who really could do a good job running things are too busy making money to deal with the butt pain and scrutiny of running for office. I could rant about this, giving examples of city corruptions for hours but you will just have to take my word for it. The latest is a domed stadium that the people have voted down but they keep forcing down our throats.

Is it the weather here?
The weather is tolerable, particularly if you live underground. The summers are hot and humid. Temperatures in the high 90 to low 100s are common with humidity in the 90+ common. The winters are mild but wet. Spring and fall are the best times of the year here if you do not have allergies. My kids went out yesterday and made pollen angles on my driveway.

Is it the people?
Well for the most part yes. Native Alabamians are friendly and helpful, and gracious. Southern hospitality among true southern families is something of an art form. It is taught from an early age in rural Alabama and not mimicked in the cities with any success. If I go to a family asking for advise or help what I usually get is a partnership of sorts. If I ask a neighbor for advise on a chicken coup for instance, I need to expect him to show up on a Saturday with hammer and nails in hand. If I ask a non-native Alabamian for the same advise I get the usual, man I am just too busy.
I am trying to raise my children to be as friendly and helpful, and gracious as I was raised to be. It is hard to do now that the suburbs have moved to us. I live in the house I was raised in. On the land I have farmed cattle, chickens, pigs, rabbits etc etc etc for years. I do love the hot steamy summers they build character in people who work out in it. Now they are putting in sub-divisions everywhere. There is a golf course where a once great dairy farm once stood. And the management of the golf course told someone that when my father dies he will have my land. Well he can have it in about 50 years if my kids dont want it. He will be 115 at the time. His idea of southern hospitality is to drive a bull dozzer through my woods and then put a no trespassing sign up on my land. Jerk.

I hope my kids are never stuck in a damn office like their father.
Snagley out.

Monday, April 11, 2005 

Snagley Hard At Work

BO Snagley at work
A picture of old Snag working hard at the office.
the word going around here today is beware. The boss is in a bad mood.
I had to let an employee go this morning.
Everyone wants a job, noone wants to work.
I fire the guy then find out he was quiting today anyway.
He lied to me friday and applied for another job.
So I gave him the rest of the month in severance pay.
oh well good riddance.
Snagley out.


The Last Drunk Cat

Another entry into the drunk cat genre.
This represents the last post in this line as cat pictures are begining to tire me.
I am now at a loss.
You folks dont like my literary attempts.
Horse pictures dont interest anyone.
The ask Snagley did not go well.
Any suggestions as to the next stage in the Snagley blog evolution.
BO Snagley

Friday, April 08, 2005 

Yacking Cat

This picture reminds me of the night before Chucks first wedding.
Maybe the honeymoon as well, I could not tell you, I was not there.
Old Chuck and his two female cousins and i think his great aunt got old Snagley snockered.
Way too many tequila and high balls.
I spent much of the night in this same shape as this cat.
Chuck somehow got me back to the beach house occupied by his family got me into my bed (in my underwear) in front of his family.
Ah, friends. I dont know if I ever thanked him for that good time.
Now is no time to start.
Snagley Out

Thursday, April 07, 2005 

After a Three Day Drunk

This cat looks like he is comeing off of a three day drunk.
Or he just spent some time snorting cat nip.
anyway, I think he is one of those characters that your mamma warned you about.

Folks I need a contest like chucks. any suggestions.

On a side note I am trying to build a hen house for my chickens.
Any advice.
after i have it going i will post some pics.
Also, Anyone have any home made wine recipies,

Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

A cat for Isaac

A Cat for Isaac.
Isaac, the son of a fellow blogger needs a cat pic.
My 5 year old (M) thinks this picture is funny.
I hope you do to.


25 Facts about Snagley

25 Snagley facts

1. I like red wines
2. I do not exercise but should
3. I have three children 6,5,3,
4. My wife home schools our children
5. I plant a large vegetable garden every year.
6. I am planning on raising Chickens, Quail, and pheasants as a hobby this summer
7. My riding lawn mower is broken and I can’t get it working.
a. It is not getting any fire to the spark plugs
B. I have replaced the coil assembly and plugs.
C. Briggs and Stratton 20 hp
8. I raise concord grapes, muskadines and scuppernongs
9. I am going to try to make some wine this fall
10. I love to read but don’t have time
11. My favorite thing to do is teach children
12. My 5 and 6 year old sons can tie flies
13. My Daughter is profoundly cute
14. I just bought a new dishwasher
15. I have a 14’ aluminum Jon boat
16. The motor does not work
17. I enjoy chewing tobacco twice a year
a. At bow hunting camp
b. At fish camp

18. I shoot a 80# Hoyt Hypertec bow
19. I am trying to sell a house and have to work all day Saturday on it
20. I need to purchase an old used tractor with a bush hog but cannot afford it now
21. I built a workshop for myself last summer
22. I spend a lot of time with my children.
23. My Sons can use a computer better than my wife
24. I drive a pickup ford ranger pickup truck
25. My wife drives a Honda odyssey mini van

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 

I once climbed this mountain.
I had to carry my local guide down from the mountain after he suffered from altitude sickness.
One of the few remaining evidences that I was once athletic and inshape.
Chuck would never have made it.
Try to guess which mountain it is.

Hint it aint Mt. Rushmore.

The winner gets a oven mit signed by Bruce Bacaratt.

Chuck you may not participate


A post for the requested horse picture. I am not a fan of horses. As a college student I had to clean up the leavings of horses. Mean horses that spent time either biting me or trying to stand on me. This horse captures my feelings tword horses.

Monday, April 04, 2005 

What if I were a cat. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 01, 2005 

Another addition to the cat cronicals. There must be a lot of weird cats out there. If you have one send them. I am starting to get a kick out of all this weird cat stuff. Posted by Hello