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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 


Why I like the state of Alabama

Is it the state government?
That would be a hell no. Our state government is so corrupt and petty it is laughable. I moved to North Carolina once (could not move back quickly enough) and was truly embarrassed at the goings on here. At the time the Lieutenant Governor urinated in a jug behind the podium rather that yield the floor. The sad part is I respect him for doing that but it is embarrassing that it has to come to that.

Is it the city government in Birmingham?
That as well would be a hell no. In the City of Birmingham and the surrounding areas from the dog catcher to the Mayors office there is no one in any position with the intelligence to run their office well. It is like our federal government the people who really could do a good job running things are too busy making money to deal with the butt pain and scrutiny of running for office. I could rant about this, giving examples of city corruptions for hours but you will just have to take my word for it. The latest is a domed stadium that the people have voted down but they keep forcing down our throats.

Is it the weather here?
The weather is tolerable, particularly if you live underground. The summers are hot and humid. Temperatures in the high 90 to low 100s are common with humidity in the 90+ common. The winters are mild but wet. Spring and fall are the best times of the year here if you do not have allergies. My kids went out yesterday and made pollen angles on my driveway.

Is it the people?
Well for the most part yes. Native Alabamians are friendly and helpful, and gracious. Southern hospitality among true southern families is something of an art form. It is taught from an early age in rural Alabama and not mimicked in the cities with any success. If I go to a family asking for advise or help what I usually get is a partnership of sorts. If I ask a neighbor for advise on a chicken coup for instance, I need to expect him to show up on a Saturday with hammer and nails in hand. If I ask a non-native Alabamian for the same advise I get the usual, man I am just too busy.
I am trying to raise my children to be as friendly and helpful, and gracious as I was raised to be. It is hard to do now that the suburbs have moved to us. I live in the house I was raised in. On the land I have farmed cattle, chickens, pigs, rabbits etc etc etc for years. I do love the hot steamy summers they build character in people who work out in it. Now they are putting in sub-divisions everywhere. There is a golf course where a once great dairy farm once stood. And the management of the golf course told someone that when my father dies he will have my land. Well he can have it in about 50 years if my kids dont want it. He will be 115 at the time. His idea of southern hospitality is to drive a bull dozzer through my woods and then put a no trespassing sign up on my land. Jerk.

I hope my kids are never stuck in a damn office like their father.
Snagley out.