Friday, March 28, 2008 

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4 Films I'd watch again (in no particular order)

Forest Gump The movie was genius I sort of relate to Forest except I cant seem to stumble backasswards into greatness

Little Big Man – It’s a good day to die.

La Story – its my list so shut up

Return of the King – That scene where Gandalf rides down the hill parting the sea of orks gets me every time.

4 Places I've lived:

Mccalla Alabama - born and raised.

Montevallo Alabama – I only left after a mere 6 years of college with no degree

Charlotte NC – Huge mistake one year

Mccalla Alabama – now, they will probably burry me in the pasture.

4 T.V. shows I watch:

The Office – Dwight for President.

The Beverly Hillbillies – that Jethro cracks me up

that about it I hate TV

4 Things to eat:

Steak – But I like to cook it myself

Fruit – cantaloupe

Chicken potpie. – My wife makes one better than your mom

Eggs benedict – don’t know why just like it

4 Places I'd rather be:


The Beach at Fort Morgan

At a creek fishing with my kids


Thursday, March 27, 2008 


I am going to have to take a break.
I have too much work going on.
I will be back give me a week or two.
I am so busy i cant give a decent post and seem to have lost my sence of humor anyway.
maybe i can do a news post or something in a day or so.

Friday, March 07, 2008 

a lot of goat

The goat on the right cost $10,000.00
any takers

Thursday, March 06, 2008 


i asked a question the other day asking whether you thin people are good or not. I got 10 answers all saying we are not too bad and lean to being good.

i did not answer that question and in retrospect that is not fair. it was no an easy question to answer.

the reason i had decided not to answer the question is that i have tried to not force my religious beliefs on anyone. and this question was asked of me in a theological setting. I did not ask you the question in relation to theology i asked it generally.

I have received more emails on this post than almost any other.

In general terms if i exclude theology i would say we are all good overall with a few nutbags and religious extreemists beheading folks and raping college girls and killing kids , and committing mass genocide all in the name of a religion i dont have the capacity to understand.

theologicly i think we are bad compared to a holy God.

Hope i did not offend.

snagley out.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008 

run poop run

I planted some grapes the other day, and some thorn less blackberries, a plum, peach, and another pear tree.
As the days are getting longer the chickens are starting to lay eggs again. Egg production is controlled by hours of sunlight. We are getting about 9 a day, they are starting to stack up.

Son #2 was at cub scouts they had a rep from some shooting club teaching them how to safely shoot air soft guns. The dude went on about how it is satisfying to shoot as a hobby and was going over trajectories and aim etc. Finally my son said.” Listen we don’t care anything about science we just want to shoot. They all laughed and shot air soft targets.

Don’t get me started about the election.
On one side we have hemorrhoids and on the other side we have a rectal abscess. Few people will vote for either one. Most people already have all the butt pain they can handle.

It is hard for me to feel good about either candidate on either side. They are all liars.
Both the democratic candidates are socialists. Playing off fears and class envy.
The Republican candidates are no better they aren’t socialists but they are liars. If you cannot believe someone on one simple issue you cannot believe them on complex issues.

People often complain about partisan ship in this country how each party fights the other on every issue. I say wonderful, if they did not keep each other from doing whatever they other wanted this country would now be bankrupt, morally and financially. Nothing has served the taxpayers better in this country than political polarization. Pray that it never ceases or the republic will fall.

In other news my Rooster (rusty butt) pooped this morning. The poop is more honest and probably more qualified to run this country than either of the parties candidates. So RUN POOP RUN.

Snagley out.