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Thursday, March 06, 2008 


i asked a question the other day asking whether you thin people are good or not. I got 10 answers all saying we are not too bad and lean to being good.

i did not answer that question and in retrospect that is not fair. it was no an easy question to answer.

the reason i had decided not to answer the question is that i have tried to not force my religious beliefs on anyone. and this question was asked of me in a theological setting. I did not ask you the question in relation to theology i asked it generally.

I have received more emails on this post than almost any other.

In general terms if i exclude theology i would say we are all good overall with a few nutbags and religious extreemists beheading folks and raping college girls and killing kids , and committing mass genocide all in the name of a religion i dont have the capacity to understand.

theologicly i think we are bad compared to a holy God.

Hope i did not offend.

snagley out.