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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 

Kid update

My kids are home schooled, if you didn’t know. I like home schooling if you don’t; you are invited to remain silent. They are excelling. With home schooling we can cover the same amount of material that a normal classroom would in much less time. There is only one kid asking questions and only one kid doing any work so you don’t have to wait on the other kids to stop interrupting the teacher or deal with the distractions of giggling or pooting etc. We can go at their pace.

In some things my 9 year old is at a high school level and others he is a little behind. He is reading on a college level right now. He is currently reading The Hobbit. He is writing his second book; his first one is a book about how things were for Star Wars Jedi 3 million years before Luke Skywalker, he decided that he wants to publish his second one so he is having to come up with more original material so he is writing something about a fictitious planet and working his grandmother in as the evil queen and his grandfather as her loyal bumpkin. He is doing long division for math. He is a little behind in math but we want to anchor him in the foundations of math before confusing him with any advanced math. He has piano lessons weekly and has started writing music for his own songs. He enjoys doing anything with me, and loves climbing trees.

My 8 year old is behind on reading but is excelling at math. He can tell you the name, habitat and vital statistics of almost every animal, even the obscure ones that I have never heard of. He has he is starting to read longer books. He has a speech problem and if you have problems with speech you have problems with reading. He goes to a speech therapist weekly for two hours at great expense. We tried the speech therapist the local high school that our taxes pay for, they let him play board games and goof off for an hour a week for a year, and his speech did not improve. So we found a guy that works our sons behind off for two hour a week, and we have seen a huge improvement in his reading and his speech. He loves science and hates history unless the history involves some sort of battle or mud. The kid loves mud. He will go out anytime it is warm enough and take off all his clothes except for a pair of short pants and cover his self, head to toe with mud. Then he walks around out in the yard calling himself mud boy the super hero, and tries to hug everyone. Quite entertaining. He is saving his money right now for a pet rat. Yes a rat not a hamster gerbil etc. a rat.

My 6 year old is excelling at everything she tries. She is learning from her brothers and through osmosis. Plus she is bright anyway. She is also cute. She talks more than any other person I have ever seen. She is in first grade. She loves the Brady bunch and listening to me tell her stories. She almost always wears dresses, by choice, but loves to play in the mud and carry chickens around the yard. She desperately wants bunk beds, and wants us to adopt another 6-year-old girl so she will have a sister.

The Baby is 15 months old and weighs 26 lbs. He is running all over the place and tearing the house down. He has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. Cute kid.