Tuesday, October 23, 2007 


Ok I am back again now. I should be able to post regularly now.
A quick update on Winifred
She said no to us. She found out that she could get 500.00 per month from the government for as support for being a single mom. Again, she thinks she has won the lottery. She found a house trailer in a trailer park for 250 per month, which includes utilities. So she has 250 left. She thinks this is plenty of money.
Again, see my heart, I don’t want to display Winifred as an idiot. She is just immature a child herself.

I just want this baby to have a chance.

In other news
I am going to have the opportunity to spend the night on the USS Alabama with the cub scouts. This should be good. There are about 60 people with our group. Should be chaos.

I have not been able to get much sleep lately; it is starting to get to me. I wake up tired and go to sleep tired. I need a vacation.

Bow season for deer has been upon us for two weeks; I have not been once, so again the deer are safe.

In my naming of things I have decided also to name other of my belongings.
They are as follows

Truck-----Pickemup Truckus Thor overture in G major.
Desk-----Pain in the posterior bonfire fodder alucious benny
Cell phone-----Mud Cat
Resident Chimpanzee-----Clarence white patch potent loins
Left shoe-----Billy Joe Jim Bob Corn Starch.

In yet other news. I am planting turnip greens tomorrow if it does not rain.

Snagley out.


Thursday, October 18, 2007 


sorry i have been away for so long.
My Dad is OK now. pacemaker has helped him to feel better and he is not in any immediate danger.

I am still coughing but not as bad and not as often.

I have spent the entire week in dothan Alabama.
I am not fond of dothan at present, I would rather be standing hip deep in the Nile river eating a big hunk of cheese, and whistling some quaint tunes from VanHalen 1.
that is only one of the things i would rather be doing right now.
another would be running across the country side chasing worms. but we rarely get to do whatever we want.

I got a new laptop computer it is about the size of a large laptop computer. i was working in a loan office and the laptop got repoed. i bought it for about 1/4 of what it is worth. i shall name it Pappa Big Daddy Scar on the noggin Potent Loins after myself. or pbdsnpl for short.

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Snagley out.

Monday, October 08, 2007 


sorry no time for real post.
Dad in hospital getting pacemaker
we have all had stomache virus and sick as dogs
going out of town soon
sorry more latter.