Wednesday, November 29, 2006 


Evidently I am one of those people who look as if they are in need of rescue.

True story.

I am in front of my house clearing some brush around a large tree stump left over from hurricane Ivan. I was using a brush axe and a super duper weed eater. I sat down in the sun to enjoy a cold beverage and take a well-deserved break. The sun felt so good I decided to lean back against the stump and close my eyes. Sitting in the sun relaxing felt so good, I decided to pursue it as a pastime.

The next thing I know I am being shaken awake. I open my eyes and one of my neighbors is standing over me. He is a volunteer at the local fire department. He is wearing his uniform and his paramedic truck is parked in my driveway. Someone saw me sleeping against the tree stump and called 911. They called my neighbor who rushed to the fire department got the paramedic truck and 3 of the guys who hang around the fire department waiting for something to happen. They came rushing over to my house, saw me lying in the grass propped up against the tree stump and realized that I was asleep. They decided to wake me up and harass me to no end.

Needless to say they had a good laugh about it.

Before they left I had the 3 spare guys finish clearing the brush from around the tree, while my paramedic neighbor and I sat in the sun and worked on another cold beverage. They were happy to have something to do between watching TV at the fire station, so I guess it all worked out for the best.

The moral of this story is (If you have some work to do, go to sleep in the sun)

Snagley out

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Snagley out

Monday, November 20, 2006 

depression is real

As none of you know, I suffer from depression.

If you don't believe that depression is a real thing please kiss my bottom, and do not post a comment on this blog.

I had a friend who shot his self in the head, he wounded his self and bled to death in the woods alone. He was clinical depressed, and thought no one else could understand those feelings. He stopped taking his medicine because someone told him he didn't need it. This well informed ass hole told him that depression is not a condition but a state of mind. That medicine would only numb him and not help him.

For the record I am suffering from depression. So I know what it feels like. It is not possible to muster up enough gumption to not be depressed. I take depression medicine every day. If I don't I feel dark as if everyone is against me and no one understands anything I am going through. I feel anxious and nervous. I have problems sleeping. If i do take the medicine i feel normal. I do not feel numb.

So now i got one less living friend.
If you do not believe in depression fine, but dont talk anyone into not taking medication. Go find tom cruise and join his cult and sit around and talk about how weak minded Bo Snagley is.
But my friends blood is on your hands. Try telling his family that his depression was not real.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 

The newest Snagley

Well first thanks to Chuck for making the guest post. and in response to it, i have a question. Chuck do you let your kids bring the chickens in the house?
well here he is about 15 minutes after birth.
it is a wild story about his birth it will take some thought to post properly so i will leave it to another day.

Snagley out

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 

Welcome To The World, New Baby Snagley....

Hey Folks, this is Snagley's old college roommate Chuck stopping in to let all his readers know that he and his lovely wife Jo had a bouncing baby boy this past Saturday. Based on him having listed potential names a few posts back I supposed I can be safe in saying that they did indeed name the little one James Daniel, or Jimmy D for short! Jimmy D. Snagley....sounds like the name of a future evangelist!

Both Mother and little Jimmy are doing fine. I just spoke with Snag on the phone, as he was gathering eggs, and during the course of our conversation I heard him say, "No son, you can't take that chicken into the house." Hmmm, definitely not something you hear everyday.

So, you may be wondering, who won the birth weight poll? Y'all remember the poll a few of us participated in a couple months back? Well I'm sad to say that no one guessed the exact weight. The baby weighed an even 7 pounds. I think the one coming closest was Southern Sweetheart. Y'all can go check it out here, in case you don't trust my observations.

I'm sure Old Snag will fill us all in on all the other details when he gets back to blogging. Until then y'all join me in saying a big CONGRATULATIONS to the Snagley Family!

Chuck Out.....

Friday, November 10, 2006 


My Father has cancer, again.

thats all i have today.
It has been a hard 17 hours.

I hate cancer

Snagley out.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 

I love my wife

I love my wife !

I have been debating whether or not to tell her about the blog.
On one side there is nothing here that i am ashamed of or that would get me in trouble.
on the onther hand i would have to say well I have had a blog for 3 years and never told you.

what do you think

Snagley out

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 

Voting, baby names, assorted poop

I am going to vote today.

I feel as if I am choosing between food poisoning and intestinal worms.
Alabama is known for its negative adds. The typical commercial sounds like this.

Hi my name is ___________ My opponent is a dog kicking, butt sniffing, nose picking, bed wetting, candy stealing, deer poaching, pro astroturf, driving slow in the fast lane, eye poking, car paint keying, flag burning, cat shaving, pink drawers wearing, public urinating, non flushing, corn bread hating, wheel chair stealing, Bear Bryant Slandering, Toe nail biting, wiper of other peoples bottoms, who doesn't know all the words to the pledge of allegiance
Vote for me While I was once indicted for child pornography, lewd and lascivious behavior, and money laundering, I was falsely accused by my opponents cousin Morty, who has had it in for me since I stole his girlfriend in the 4th grade.
I will fulfill all of my campaign promises, unless I find some way to fill my pockets, or I forget.

The potential names for my baby are

James Daniel
Anna Cathlene

No we don't know if it is a boy or a girl

Snagley out

Monday, November 06, 2006 

New shoe

Check it out folks I got some new shoes. I get a new pair only when the old pair has started to fall apart. Needless to say the other pair fell apart. This pair is devoid of laces which has caused me some consternation.
Does it mean I am lazy or unable to tie my own shoes. Also this pair of shoes is to be oiled instead of polished.

In other news I put a tin roof on 3/4 of my hen house, this weekend, in an attempt to weatherproof it for the hens.

No baby yet.

Sorry i know when a man starts posting pictures of his feet it is a slow news day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006 

Update on Chuck

This is a Chuck Update.

As some of you know Chuck, my old college roommate, has been under the weather.
I shant elaborate as to his condition but he has been feeling less than good.
I called him twice yesterday and thought I would share the conversations.

Me: Chuck, this is Snagley, ya dead

Chuck: Hey there buddy,,,,giggle giggle.

Me: What the heck is wrong with you.

Chuck: I am sick I feel terrible,,, followed with some garbled sounds

Me: You sound drunk

Chuck: I took some pain medicine and am in the bed with my dog Trooper,,,,giggle giggle.

Me: Have you heard from the doctor

Chuck: I am not susposed to hear from him utill zzzzzzzzz.

Me: Wake up

Chuck: Oh sorry I think I over did it last night at trick or treat and now I am really sore (he is talking about physical exertion here) .

(the conversation takes an odd turn here his voice gets very soft and sounds far away, like he is talking in his sleep)

Chuck: I really want to play star wars.

Me : What, like waving light sabers around and like that.

Chuck: yeah and wearing my Darth Vader mask

Me: Well its a shame you dont have any black pajamas

Chuck: I am going to dye a jumpsuit black

Me: Well that should be good.

Me: Well have a good nap and dont kiss your dog on the butt.

Chuck: Did you say dont kiss my dog on the butt?

Me: Yes in your condition I would not want you to look accross the bed, see your dogs butt and think somone is puckered up to kiss you

Chuck: Giggle giggle giggle,,, you so crazy

ME: Latter and I hung up.

Then about 6 hours latter I called back

Me: Hey this is Snagley are you feeling better

CHuck: Yeah took a nap

Me: You sounded pretty bad earlier.

Chuck: When did you call (he had no recolection of the call)

Me : Where are you

Chuck: I am at the drug store getting some listerine. I had some weird dream and woke up kissing my Trooper on the butt. I know its in my mind, but I cant get the tast of dog butt out of my mouth.

Me: Gee thats a shame glad your feeling better talk to you latter.

Snagley out.