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Thursday, November 02, 2006 

Update on Chuck

This is a Chuck Update.

As some of you know Chuck, my old college roommate, has been under the weather.
I shant elaborate as to his condition but he has been feeling less than good.
I called him twice yesterday and thought I would share the conversations.

Me: Chuck, this is Snagley, ya dead

Chuck: Hey there buddy,,,,giggle giggle.

Me: What the heck is wrong with you.

Chuck: I am sick I feel terrible,,, followed with some garbled sounds

Me: You sound drunk

Chuck: I took some pain medicine and am in the bed with my dog Trooper,,,,giggle giggle.

Me: Have you heard from the doctor

Chuck: I am not susposed to hear from him utill zzzzzzzzz.

Me: Wake up

Chuck: Oh sorry I think I over did it last night at trick or treat and now I am really sore (he is talking about physical exertion here) .

(the conversation takes an odd turn here his voice gets very soft and sounds far away, like he is talking in his sleep)

Chuck: I really want to play star wars.

Me : What, like waving light sabers around and like that.

Chuck: yeah and wearing my Darth Vader mask

Me: Well its a shame you dont have any black pajamas

Chuck: I am going to dye a jumpsuit black

Me: Well that should be good.

Me: Well have a good nap and dont kiss your dog on the butt.

Chuck: Did you say dont kiss my dog on the butt?

Me: Yes in your condition I would not want you to look accross the bed, see your dogs butt and think somone is puckered up to kiss you

Chuck: Giggle giggle giggle,,, you so crazy

ME: Latter and I hung up.

Then about 6 hours latter I called back

Me: Hey this is Snagley are you feeling better

CHuck: Yeah took a nap

Me: You sounded pretty bad earlier.

Chuck: When did you call (he had no recolection of the call)

Me : Where are you

Chuck: I am at the drug store getting some listerine. I had some weird dream and woke up kissing my Trooper on the butt. I know its in my mind, but I cant get the tast of dog butt out of my mouth.

Me: Gee thats a shame glad your feeling better talk to you latter.

Snagley out.