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Friday, September 29, 2006 

News from The Snagleys

What’s going on with the Snagley’s.

Tomorrow I am taking the Cub Scouts to a local state park for a day of breathing fresh air. I am hoping some of the kids don’t panic when they find out that some air is invisible. I am picturing kids refusing to get out of the car. The state park has a creek that is clear. You usually can see the bottom of it. I wonder if they will take pictures of the clear water. You never know.
It is not that bad but most of the kids are city kids who have never been outside over an hour a day. You all know my feelings about this so I won’t go on a mad rant.

My oldest son wanted an X-Box. So I told him if he saved ¼ of the money I would pay the rest. I pay him to do stuff, outside of his daily chores. Like 50 cents to clean up the back yard, or 25 cents to wash off my truck tires. So it takes him a long time to earn his money. But, I think he is seeing the value of money. I took him to academy sports and he was going nuts at the prices “Ten Dollars for a Shirt” “Dad look at these prices!!!” But I digress.

We went to Wall-Mart to buy him one; they stopped selling them in favor of the X-Box 360, which are 400.00. His heart broke in the store. He realized that he would have to raise another fifty dollars to buy a X-Box 360. Since it took him almost a year to save the first 50.00. He burst into tears, (Which is not typical for him).
So we went home and found him one on E-Bay for 162.00 including shipping and it came with 10 games, two controllers all the hookups and the remote control for the DVD player. We had a good time bidding on it, I didn’t think his heart would take the excitement of watching people try to outbid us, but he made it. It should be here sometime next week.

Our turnip greens are up and ready to be picked. And we are still getting some okra every day. I mowed down most of the tomatoes since they have stopped bearing. The Chickens are doing ok they are going through the molt. It is a time when egg production drops and they loose a bunch of feathers. Then they start growing them again in preparation for winter.

I still don’t have a fence up. I can’t decide if I want to raise registered Boer goats or not. I was thinking of raising a few steers for beef. My wife has been toying with the idea of raising dairy goats for cheese and milk and some kind of soap that she likes. I worked on a dairy when I was younger and animals need milking twice a day regardless of whether or not I want to go on vacation or not. I am not convinced yet.

The raspberries that I planted in the spring did not make it. I lost only one of the blue berries that I planted. I plan on planting some more pear trees and a couple of plum trees this next year. I want to find a thorn less blackberry to plant on a trellis for pies I miss blackberry cobbler. I don’t miss thorns.

I am going to have to buy a new garden tractor. Anyone know about this one.

Snagley out.