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Monday, September 18, 2006 

details details details

I have gotten a few less than flattering emails regarding my last post.
I thought I would post the entire story and see if it makes the situation clearer.
If everyone still thinks I am a jerk after this I will reevaluate my posistion

He started smoking pot at are 14. Two months latter he was smoking it 4 to 6 times a day.
Once before school once at lunch during school immediately after school and then at least once before bed. Then he pretty much stayed high all weekend. By sixteen he was taking lsd on a regular basis. He took it for a year until the down trips got so bad he couldn’t take it any more. He stayed clean for 8 days, then he tried some cocaine, he started a coke habit that lasted until he graduated from highschool. He never stopped smoking the pot during this entire process. He managed to shield this from his parents. His Dad was a workaholic that was never home and his mother lived in perpetual denial. He graduated high school and moved into an apartment with an alcoholic who helped him keep his drug habit quite, during this time he would come to work and pass out then go home after work and stay corked out of his gourd until he would pass out and then start the process over again. He rarely had to pay for his drugs. He has a bunch of thug friends from high school who deal and he has managed to get it free from them. That is until they started growing up and getting real jobs. That is when it started getting difficult.

He found Lortabs. He started taking them to ease the pain of forced detox. He eventually got to taking 50 per day. He would take 5 sets of 10 a day. Then he discovered oxicontin he could mix the two and get a better rush. He was spending 75 to 100 dollars a day on the lortabs. He stopped paying his bills and debts to better fund the addiction. Then his wife left him.
He then upped it to 75 lortabs a day. Mixed with whatever he could find. That is where his family stepped in with the first intervention.
How did it get to this point I am sure you ask. He isolated himself from everyone. He would come to work then go home. If you talked to him he would yell at you.
His parents put him into a detox facility which was to be followed up by 90 days of rehab at one of the best rehab facilities in the country. His insurance would cover all of the detox and half of the rehab, if he followed through on it. He quit detox 3 days short. His mother went back to work to pay for the 10,000 in detox. I spoke to the doctor at the detox facility and he said that with detox and rehab there was a 25% chance that he would be back to the drugs in 5 years. without a full detox and no rehab there was a 90%+ chance that he would be back to the drugs in a week.

His father helped him with all his bills and debt. He got him paid up completely on all his bills and paid ahead on all of his debt. Upon vehement request, he handed his finances back to his son. 4 months latter he lost his car that he had paid 5 ½ years on a 6 year loan.
He has to sell his house now or loose it to foreclosure.
I learned all his from him about 4 months ago. He is now probably going to be fired from his job. Up until last month he was paid 50,000 per year. His salary was cut in half because he never comes to work and put on 25,000 plus commission. It has not helped.

I talked to several rehab places about what can be done involuntarily, they said not much. That until he actually wants to quit the drugs he will not. They said rock bottom is different for everyone. For me loosing my wife my car my job and my house would be rock bottom, but he told me that he is looking forward to the homeless shelter. He will not have to worry about bills and creditors there. He figures he can get a shower there and change clothes in his car and do just fine.
Oh yeah my brother sold him a 1985 vw fox with over 200,000 miles on it with no heat or air for 500.00 so he will have something to drive. He said he loves the car because it has no car note attached with it.

He has been doing drugs of some sort since he was 14 that is 16 years. he has been on drugs longer than he has been off.

He knows that at any point now all he has to do is make one phone call and he can have a house full of people who love him surround him with love and the help he needs to see detox and rehab through completely. Until he is ready for it no one knows what to do for him.
I sure don’t.Snagley out.