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Friday, September 15, 2006 

I am getting her a steak

I asked her what she wanted and she said a steak from the Superior Grill.
So tonight I am getting her a steak from the Superior Grill.

I have never told her about this blog. I have had it almost two years and it would be hard to explain that I have had it for that long.
Plus I like being able to write with anonymity.

Some crack head broke into the office last night and stole a laptop computer.
I hate crack heads.
They moved a methadone clinic in two doors down. since then we have been broken into twice and had a car busted open once. I figure someone needed some money for so more crystal meth or something equally addictave so they can commite slow suicide.
Unfortunatly for the crack head he bled all over the wall, which was greusome in itself. The csi team showed up and spread power all over the office and took dna, looked real official and then left with a handshake. He said most likely they will find the guy because of the dna. and most likely he will be a crack head that has been strung out for years stealing crap to buy more drugs.

My brother in law is addicted to perscription pain medicine. He was taking 50 to 75 hydrocodone per day. He is getting fired from his job because he cant seem to show up for work. He wont stay in rehab and he wont admit that he is addicted.
I think he will be dead in a year. It will kill my wife and her family but it will happen. He likes to mix ozycontin and hydorcodone. Evidently it is much better that being alive and loving your family. He would rather stay doped up and worthless. He has cost his parents over 35000.00 in rehab and bailing him out of different financial problems because his 50,000.00 salary was not enough to keep him in drugs and house and car. he lost his car, and his wife, he is about to loose his house. Then he told me he will stay at the Jimmy Hale mission until he gets back on his feet.
He is 29 years old.

Snagley out.