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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 

Who is out there

who is out there.
Let me know
I know most of you rarely comment and I am ok with that.
if you want to be on my blog roll comment and say so.
but if you would please just say hello.

As many of you know the Queen of pink and Chuck have both left the blog world.
to QOP i say bye and good luck
to Chuck I say sorry i drove you off the internet.

I had a good weekend. I tilled up some earth in the garden and planted some turnip greens.
I took the Boys shooting and they shot my 22 rifle at the local shooting range.
A kind man let my oldest boy shoot his Mini 14. It was fun to see him shooting it.
It does not have much recoil so he had a blast.
The boys have absolutly no interest in hunting beyond the firearms so I think we shall purse marksmanship.
I am trying to find some benchrest competition for boys.
for those of you who find guns repulsive, I am sorry.
they also love archery which does not involve bullets, does that count for anything?

My mother is better thank you. She has not had any further dizzy spells.

My wife is not well, I hope this baby comes as soon as it is able.

nothing else of note. that i can think of.

questions welcome

Snagley out