Friday, September 29, 2006 

News from The Snagleys

What’s going on with the Snagley’s.

Tomorrow I am taking the Cub Scouts to a local state park for a day of breathing fresh air. I am hoping some of the kids don’t panic when they find out that some air is invisible. I am picturing kids refusing to get out of the car. The state park has a creek that is clear. You usually can see the bottom of it. I wonder if they will take pictures of the clear water. You never know.
It is not that bad but most of the kids are city kids who have never been outside over an hour a day. You all know my feelings about this so I won’t go on a mad rant.

My oldest son wanted an X-Box. So I told him if he saved ¼ of the money I would pay the rest. I pay him to do stuff, outside of his daily chores. Like 50 cents to clean up the back yard, or 25 cents to wash off my truck tires. So it takes him a long time to earn his money. But, I think he is seeing the value of money. I took him to academy sports and he was going nuts at the prices “Ten Dollars for a Shirt” “Dad look at these prices!!!” But I digress.

We went to Wall-Mart to buy him one; they stopped selling them in favor of the X-Box 360, which are 400.00. His heart broke in the store. He realized that he would have to raise another fifty dollars to buy a X-Box 360. Since it took him almost a year to save the first 50.00. He burst into tears, (Which is not typical for him).
So we went home and found him one on E-Bay for 162.00 including shipping and it came with 10 games, two controllers all the hookups and the remote control for the DVD player. We had a good time bidding on it, I didn’t think his heart would take the excitement of watching people try to outbid us, but he made it. It should be here sometime next week.

Our turnip greens are up and ready to be picked. And we are still getting some okra every day. I mowed down most of the tomatoes since they have stopped bearing. The Chickens are doing ok they are going through the molt. It is a time when egg production drops and they loose a bunch of feathers. Then they start growing them again in preparation for winter.

I still don’t have a fence up. I can’t decide if I want to raise registered Boer goats or not. I was thinking of raising a few steers for beef. My wife has been toying with the idea of raising dairy goats for cheese and milk and some kind of soap that she likes. I worked on a dairy when I was younger and animals need milking twice a day regardless of whether or not I want to go on vacation or not. I am not convinced yet.

The raspberries that I planted in the spring did not make it. I lost only one of the blue berries that I planted. I plan on planting some more pear trees and a couple of plum trees this next year. I want to find a thorn less blackberry to plant on a trellis for pies I miss blackberry cobbler. I don’t miss thorns.

I am going to have to buy a new garden tractor. Anyone know about this one.

Snagley out.


Snag and Co.

This is my boy.
I post this to prove the power of superior genetics.
Snagley out.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 

Hay Fever

My head feels as if I have 5 gallons of snot in my sinus cavities. My eyes feel like they are about to pop out of my head. I ran out of Klenex and have used two rolls of toliet paper on my nose.
I have taken all sorts of sinus and alergy related stuff to no avail.
I do see a corelation between the cutting of the pasture into a nice looking field and my nose rebelling against my body. I post this picture of me suffering to show that my boyish charm and good looks still are intact.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 

freshly cut hay

Check it out, they cut the hay in the pasture. I love the look of a freshly cut field. They cut if for the hay and i dont charge them for it. this way i dont have to pay to have it cut or cut it myself. One of these days i am going to put some cows and some registered goats out there.

Snagley out.

Monday, September 18, 2006 

details details details

I have gotten a few less than flattering emails regarding my last post.
I thought I would post the entire story and see if it makes the situation clearer.
If everyone still thinks I am a jerk after this I will reevaluate my posistion

He started smoking pot at are 14. Two months latter he was smoking it 4 to 6 times a day.
Once before school once at lunch during school immediately after school and then at least once before bed. Then he pretty much stayed high all weekend. By sixteen he was taking lsd on a regular basis. He took it for a year until the down trips got so bad he couldn’t take it any more. He stayed clean for 8 days, then he tried some cocaine, he started a coke habit that lasted until he graduated from highschool. He never stopped smoking the pot during this entire process. He managed to shield this from his parents. His Dad was a workaholic that was never home and his mother lived in perpetual denial. He graduated high school and moved into an apartment with an alcoholic who helped him keep his drug habit quite, during this time he would come to work and pass out then go home after work and stay corked out of his gourd until he would pass out and then start the process over again. He rarely had to pay for his drugs. He has a bunch of thug friends from high school who deal and he has managed to get it free from them. That is until they started growing up and getting real jobs. That is when it started getting difficult.

He found Lortabs. He started taking them to ease the pain of forced detox. He eventually got to taking 50 per day. He would take 5 sets of 10 a day. Then he discovered oxicontin he could mix the two and get a better rush. He was spending 75 to 100 dollars a day on the lortabs. He stopped paying his bills and debts to better fund the addiction. Then his wife left him.
He then upped it to 75 lortabs a day. Mixed with whatever he could find. That is where his family stepped in with the first intervention.
How did it get to this point I am sure you ask. He isolated himself from everyone. He would come to work then go home. If you talked to him he would yell at you.
His parents put him into a detox facility which was to be followed up by 90 days of rehab at one of the best rehab facilities in the country. His insurance would cover all of the detox and half of the rehab, if he followed through on it. He quit detox 3 days short. His mother went back to work to pay for the 10,000 in detox. I spoke to the doctor at the detox facility and he said that with detox and rehab there was a 25% chance that he would be back to the drugs in 5 years. without a full detox and no rehab there was a 90%+ chance that he would be back to the drugs in a week.

His father helped him with all his bills and debt. He got him paid up completely on all his bills and paid ahead on all of his debt. Upon vehement request, he handed his finances back to his son. 4 months latter he lost his car that he had paid 5 ½ years on a 6 year loan.
He has to sell his house now or loose it to foreclosure.
I learned all his from him about 4 months ago. He is now probably going to be fired from his job. Up until last month he was paid 50,000 per year. His salary was cut in half because he never comes to work and put on 25,000 plus commission. It has not helped.

I talked to several rehab places about what can be done involuntarily, they said not much. That until he actually wants to quit the drugs he will not. They said rock bottom is different for everyone. For me loosing my wife my car my job and my house would be rock bottom, but he told me that he is looking forward to the homeless shelter. He will not have to worry about bills and creditors there. He figures he can get a shower there and change clothes in his car and do just fine.
Oh yeah my brother sold him a 1985 vw fox with over 200,000 miles on it with no heat or air for 500.00 so he will have something to drive. He said he loves the car because it has no car note attached with it.

He has been doing drugs of some sort since he was 14 that is 16 years. he has been on drugs longer than he has been off.

He knows that at any point now all he has to do is make one phone call and he can have a house full of people who love him surround him with love and the help he needs to see detox and rehab through completely. Until he is ready for it no one knows what to do for him.
I sure don’t.Snagley out.

Friday, September 15, 2006 

I am getting her a steak

I asked her what she wanted and she said a steak from the Superior Grill.
So tonight I am getting her a steak from the Superior Grill.

I have never told her about this blog. I have had it almost two years and it would be hard to explain that I have had it for that long.
Plus I like being able to write with anonymity.

Some crack head broke into the office last night and stole a laptop computer.
I hate crack heads.
They moved a methadone clinic in two doors down. since then we have been broken into twice and had a car busted open once. I figure someone needed some money for so more crystal meth or something equally addictave so they can commite slow suicide.
Unfortunatly for the crack head he bled all over the wall, which was greusome in itself. The csi team showed up and spread power all over the office and took dna, looked real official and then left with a handshake. He said most likely they will find the guy because of the dna. and most likely he will be a crack head that has been strung out for years stealing crap to buy more drugs.

My brother in law is addicted to perscription pain medicine. He was taking 50 to 75 hydrocodone per day. He is getting fired from his job because he cant seem to show up for work. He wont stay in rehab and he wont admit that he is addicted.
I think he will be dead in a year. It will kill my wife and her family but it will happen. He likes to mix ozycontin and hydorcodone. Evidently it is much better that being alive and loving your family. He would rather stay doped up and worthless. He has cost his parents over 35000.00 in rehab and bailing him out of different financial problems because his 50,000.00 salary was not enough to keep him in drugs and house and car. he lost his car, and his wife, he is about to loose his house. Then he told me he will stay at the Jimmy Hale mission until he gets back on his feet.
He is 29 years old.

Snagley out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 


Well my sweet wife is having to take brethene now.
for those of you who do not know it is to stop pre-term labors contractions.
we still have two months to go so we would like to not have the baby now.
brethene makes you really jumpy, it gives her headaches etc.
I love my wife. I thanked her for having the babies last night. I don't think it helped her much.
I am not so trite as to say I wish I could go through it for her. but I wish I could make it easier for her. She really does make my life lots easier.
she makes me lunch everyday.
while I am taking a shower she makes me a sandwich with two pieces of the good kind of lunch meat turkey cheese spicy mustard and Mayo. Then she packs some fresh tomato and fresh lettuce in a separate package so that I can add it prior to eating it.
then she puts some fruit in the sack along with some change for a cold drink and a package of snack crackers.
The day spa fell through. She does not want to go to one pregnant.
what else can I do for her?

Snagley out.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

Chicken Scouts

I have been joking my daughter about being a cub scout for years.
when my oldest boy started cubs and she found out that there were tiger cubs and wolf cubs and bear cubs she decided to be a chicken cub.

So i came up with a Chicken scout salute a chicken scout motto etc etc.
Well now she is signing up with some sort of girl scout thing called heritage girls.
My wife is trying to get her to stop calling it chicken scouts and to stop giving the chicken scout salute all the time. I guess in retrospect it was not the best idea for me to keep it up for 3 years.

coincidently the salute is to put your hand on top of your head so that your fingers stick up like a chickens comb.
the chicken scout motto is "lay an egg daily".
I could go on but i am afraid it could be used against me in court some day.
I do have the option of starting a group called the chicken scouts but my wife doesn't think it will fly.

I know i am a rat.

Snagley out.

Monday, September 11, 2006 

poor poor pitiful snagley

Is anyone else tired? I wake up tired. I go to bed tired. I spend my entire day tired. I don’t think a vacation will help this time.

Cub scouts is starting up tonight. Last year I did every job in the cub scouts. This year I setup volunteers who will handle different aspects of the pack for me. I am phasing myself out.

Work is very hard now. The labor itself is the same but the stress of working here is killing me. The owner is thinking of selling again. If I have to hunt another job it means having to start over somewhere. I am in management here and it would mean a cut in pay where ever I go. I have a wife and will have 4 kids and two parents who are growing increasingly dependant upon me.
The other manager here is difficult to get along with. I am the chief liaison officer in charge of all employees’ communication with the other manager. I would bet that a cumulative hour and half of my day is spent having people vent to me about her. Of course now I am venting to you about her.

In other news.
My daughter is beautiful. She really is. She is 5 years old. The other day she was sitting on the sofa and said that her hands are bigger than all the other girls. And her feet are also bigger than the other girls, and that she is squishy. Then she cried for 30 minutes.
I have spent the last 5 years trying to groom her to be confident and secure in herself, I figured she had the rest of her life to be neurotic about her looks. But here we are at 5 years old crying about her big feet and hands and squishiness. She is tall for her age and she has muscle tone due to the fact that she keeps up with her two brothers, she was refering to the tone of her arm and leg muscles as squishy. Well she is confident that her daddy knows she is beautiful

Most of the girls her age are emaciated because their parents are afraid to feed them for fear that they will grow up to be obese. I think this boarders on child abuse. I had a mother of a 4 year old child tell me that they are watching her daughters weight because the doctor said she is in the 65 percentile of children her age in size (this means she is larger than 65% of other kids her age in terms of height and weight). Jeeze Louise the kid is freaking 4 years old let the kid be a kid. Give her a Hershey bar and send her out into the back yard to play Barbies in the dirt. I think I may become a hermit.

The chickens are well. I can’t poison the mice in the workshop for fear of poisoning the chickens and the multitude of cats we have that are not controlling the mice problem. I have scads of traps out even humane mousetraps that a friend gave me. My question is what the people who came up with a humane mousetrap intended us to do with these entrapped mice.

And in closing. I plan to give a Chuck update, as he is no longer blogging, to educate the world on his status. It will most likely be Friday, and it will most likely be good.

I leave you with these words. Snagley out.

Friday, September 08, 2006 


thanks for the hellos from the previous post.
i will try to update my blogroll soon.
got a headache now cant see really well, getting my wife to come pick me up and take me home.
Snagley out

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 

Who is out there

who is out there.
Let me know
I know most of you rarely comment and I am ok with that.
if you want to be on my blog roll comment and say so.
but if you would please just say hello.

As many of you know the Queen of pink and Chuck have both left the blog world.
to QOP i say bye and good luck
to Chuck I say sorry i drove you off the internet.

I had a good weekend. I tilled up some earth in the garden and planted some turnip greens.
I took the Boys shooting and they shot my 22 rifle at the local shooting range.
A kind man let my oldest boy shoot his Mini 14. It was fun to see him shooting it.
It does not have much recoil so he had a blast.
The boys have absolutly no interest in hunting beyond the firearms so I think we shall purse marksmanship.
I am trying to find some benchrest competition for boys.
for those of you who find guns repulsive, I am sorry.
they also love archery which does not involve bullets, does that count for anything?

My mother is better thank you. She has not had any further dizzy spells.

My wife is not well, I hope this baby comes as soon as it is able.

nothing else of note. that i can think of.

questions welcome

Snagley out

Friday, September 01, 2006 

Snagley at the movies

Snagley Movies

I was going to post a list of favorite music.
But truthfully I don’t like music.
Oh I will listen to some blues or jazz or some instrumental crap from time to time.
But most music clutters my mind and prevents me from thinking, I find this annoying.
So I am going with movies. These are in no particular order.

These are not the movies that I think are necessarily the best movies of all time but these are the movies that if I wanted to spend the day in front of the television eating chips and salsa I would want to watch.

Forest Gump
L.A Story (shut up, its my list make your own.)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The ghost and Mr. Chicken
Jeremiah Johnson
It’s a Wonderful Life
It’s a mad mad world
Father Goose
True Grit
The lord of the rings trilogy
Oh Brother where art thou ( I even have the sound track)

These movies are best viewed on Sunday afternoons, preferably during a rainstorm.
Even better under a blanket with lots of snacks.
Don’t let the kids see the Tolkein movies though, it will give them nightmares.

Snagley out.



I apologize I did not properly acknowledge the one year anniversary of hurricane katriner
I would like to think this is unlike me.
so here is my tribute.