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Monday, September 11, 2006 

poor poor pitiful snagley

Is anyone else tired? I wake up tired. I go to bed tired. I spend my entire day tired. I don’t think a vacation will help this time.

Cub scouts is starting up tonight. Last year I did every job in the cub scouts. This year I setup volunteers who will handle different aspects of the pack for me. I am phasing myself out.

Work is very hard now. The labor itself is the same but the stress of working here is killing me. The owner is thinking of selling again. If I have to hunt another job it means having to start over somewhere. I am in management here and it would mean a cut in pay where ever I go. I have a wife and will have 4 kids and two parents who are growing increasingly dependant upon me.
The other manager here is difficult to get along with. I am the chief liaison officer in charge of all employees’ communication with the other manager. I would bet that a cumulative hour and half of my day is spent having people vent to me about her. Of course now I am venting to you about her.

In other news.
My daughter is beautiful. She really is. She is 5 years old. The other day she was sitting on the sofa and said that her hands are bigger than all the other girls. And her feet are also bigger than the other girls, and that she is squishy. Then she cried for 30 minutes.
I have spent the last 5 years trying to groom her to be confident and secure in herself, I figured she had the rest of her life to be neurotic about her looks. But here we are at 5 years old crying about her big feet and hands and squishiness. She is tall for her age and she has muscle tone due to the fact that she keeps up with her two brothers, she was refering to the tone of her arm and leg muscles as squishy. Well she is confident that her daddy knows she is beautiful

Most of the girls her age are emaciated because their parents are afraid to feed them for fear that they will grow up to be obese. I think this boarders on child abuse. I had a mother of a 4 year old child tell me that they are watching her daughters weight because the doctor said she is in the 65 percentile of children her age in size (this means she is larger than 65% of other kids her age in terms of height and weight). Jeeze Louise the kid is freaking 4 years old let the kid be a kid. Give her a Hershey bar and send her out into the back yard to play Barbies in the dirt. I think I may become a hermit.

The chickens are well. I can’t poison the mice in the workshop for fear of poisoning the chickens and the multitude of cats we have that are not controlling the mice problem. I have scads of traps out even humane mousetraps that a friend gave me. My question is what the people who came up with a humane mousetrap intended us to do with these entrapped mice.

And in closing. I plan to give a Chuck update, as he is no longer blogging, to educate the world on his status. It will most likely be Friday, and it will most likely be good.

I leave you with these words. Snagley out.