Friday, May 25, 2007 

sick as a goat

i am sick
I have bronchitis
i will be out of town next week
i may or may not be able to post.
I have this sale pending that may enable me to pay off the historic and senic snagley family acres.
wish me luck

Snagley out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 

Letter to me from Wife

This is the letter that my wife wrote me the day after mothers day.
I took my older kids names out of the post as i always do.

I love you and thank you for working for all of us. I just went a bought a wonderful new stroller and got to see my little girl look beautiful up on the stage practicing. The boys have got to rest and have fun today. Baby James is sound asleep and cool and at peace in our sweet little home. Abbie just served her brothers ice cream (on her own) and offered to serve me. James will wake up and I will get to love on him. Tonight I will swing on my swing and tomorrow I will clean my house and work in my garden. I will teach the boys something new and listen to Son #2 read. Daughter#1 will my ear off and do pretend gymnastics on the swingset. The boys will ride their bikes. And all because of you. You are the one that makes all this happen. WE ALL LOVE YOU and when I think of what I wanted my life to be, this is it. I would be so lonely without you and it all would be so boring. I love our time together after the kids sleep when we can just laugh and be together. Love, Jo Snagley

Monday, May 14, 2007 

I lost my pocket knife

I lost my dang pocketknife. It was in the old truck when i wrecked it.
I went into the Snagley archives and found an old scout knife but it is not a viable alternative to a boker congress 4 blade pocket knife.

In other news.
I have planted 29 tomato plants 4 rows of string beans, some okra, squash, peas, lettuce, spinach, onions, cabbage, and 12 assorted pepper plants.

In yet other news.
I have developed a problem with belly button lint. It seems that I have been accumulating it in my navel. For me, this is a relatively new phenomenon.
The ravages of age.

I bought my wife a swing for mothers day she likes it.
i got a mushy letter from her today and almost posted it. I may yet. it was good.

Snagley out

Monday, May 07, 2007 

clogged arteries, owl barf and strings

I have been debating what if anything to post.

My wife just found out she has some blockages in the arteries in her heart.
She has been having chest pains for some time.
That is not particularly funny.

In other news.
As some of you know we home school our children. If you don’t like home schooling please go tell Ronald McDonald, I sure don’t want to hear it.
I got to go with them to the university of Alabama arboretum on a field trip. It was pretty cool. We got to pick through owl barf. My 5-year-old daughter found a rodent skull in her batch of owl vomit. That was also cool.

Ok there are these three strings that are walking down the street and decide to have a cool beer.
{Now I know most of you don’t think that strings can walk but please suspend your disbelief for my sake.}

They go into a bar and sit down. The bar tender never comes over to ask what they want. He even seems to be ignoring them.

The first string {I think his name is Lance} gets up and walks over to the bar tender and said I need three Guinness’s dark please in three clean glasses.

The Bartender turns around and says, “ We don’t serve strings here”

Well the first string is so shocked by this that he goes back and tells his other friends who are shocked and appalled.

Well the second string gets all bent up. He is bowed if you will. This bowed string goes up to the bartender and says. Hey bud we need some beers down here.

The bartender does not even look up he says, “We don’t server strings here” he spits into a glass and starts cleaning it with his shirttail.

Well the second string is so shocked by this he wets his string and rushes back to the table.

The third string gets really mad. He jumps up and ties a big knot in his self. He then unravels the top of his thread so that he looks even wilder. He rushes over to the bartender and says I want three beers and I want them now.

The bartender looks and says “aren’t you another of those strings”
The third string says, “No I am a frayed knot”