Friday, October 31, 2008 

free cat

I find it hart warming to see generosity in people today.
Give Give Give its the battle cry of a generation of sacrificial givers.

Snagley out.

Monday, October 27, 2008 


I understand
Snagley, quit your blathering and talk about chickens.

I built the chicken coop out of untreated oak 4x4s.
The reason I did this is because I had an overabundance of untreated oak 4x4s and absolutely no treated 4x4s. After 4 years they rotted off at the ground.

When the coop actually fell in all the chickens escaped and began feasting on my turnip greens. I was at work and the kids rounded then all up and stuffed them into the northern annex until I can rebuild. No chickens were injured

I have salvaged 4 treated 4x4s from an errant rose trellis and plan to rebuild with them.

The hens are about to go through the molt, this is when they loose their summer feathers and gain winter feathers. They stop laying eggs completely at this time.

A little chicken trivia here for you non-agricultural city folk. Chickens do not urinate. Bet you did not know that.

In other news I have decided to run naked in the sweet dew of the morning until we are independent of foreign oil, have a safe cigarette, and find a cure for the common cold, or until I forget to get up early to do it. I will keep you updated.

In other news.

I have a serious question.Why don’t we offer a 1billion dollar award for the first car company to come up with an alternative energy vehicle that will hold 4 people to 70 miles per hour for at least 4 hours and cost less than $19,000.00. I think that would grab their attention.

The government spends that much per year on toilet seats, hammers and paper clips.

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Friday, October 24, 2008 

what i dont like about myself

I am getting older and as I do I am discovering thing about myself. Some of them I like some I don’t.
As time passes and we get older we see ourselves as mortal. This causes us to take a look at our lives and see where we are and where we want to be, and what we want to do with what we have left. Its not a bad thing unless it brings about impulse buying and drastic life changes that injure the ones you love.

I am going to post today about things I don’t like and tomorrow things I do like.
Things I don’t like include but are not limited to.

1. My inability to get to know people on a more personal level.
2. My lack of concern for the poor and down trodden.
3. My nature of political cynicism.
4. The fact that I do not call my extended family often.
5. I don’t study more.
6. I am not a very good friend to people who know me. Mostly due to my being an introvert and partly due to being self-involved with my family.

If you take most of the stuff I don’t like about myself it stems back to basically I am selfish. I want my family circle to be happy and I want to bask in the warmth of their love. What I need to be doing is extending that out to others.
Not particularly proud of that.

The other think I don’t like about myself is I don’t drive a lotus elise

In other news
The Chicken coop fell in and I have not fixed it yet.

Snagley out


Monday, October 13, 2008 

Lyman and the Chainsaw

There is a local idiot in my neighborhood.
I shall withhold his name in the odd chance that he learns to use a computer, we shall call him Lyman.
He cuts trees for a living.
If you have a tree that has fallen he will come out to your house and cut it up for you. Part of his deal is he will sell it for firewood.
I had just such a tree. A Sweet gum tree that fell and I needed it to not be there anymore. So I called Lyman, he showed up with a cross cut saw. The following conversation ensued.

Me: Lyman why in the name of Bert Parks are you using a cross cut saw to cut up that tree.

Lyman: I tried a chain saw once and I can cut 5 times as much wood in a day with the cross cut saw as I can with a chain saw.

Me: Lyman that is impossible.

Lyman: no really I still got the thing in the truck. Chain saws are overrated, I cant get the thing to cut worth a toot.

Me: Lyman, go get your chain saw let me take a look at it.

Lyman: Ok, here you go.

I grab the saw switch it on and yank the cord. It powers up immediately I rev the motor a few times

Lyman: What’s that noise.

Snagley out.


Monday, October 06, 2008 

more news

I was built a compost bin Saturday. I built it out of wooden pallets. 4 tied together.
Then one layer of rotten hay followed by one layer of green plant material followed by another layer of rotten hay then followed by a layer of chicken poop (provided by resident chickens) followed by another layer of hay followed by a good soaking by the Snagley well pump.

The chicken coop fell in Friday. So I moved them all to the annex while I repair the coop. Saturday the boys and I disassembled the main coop and dug up some treated 4x4s that I was using for a rose trellises. I did not use treated timbers the first time around, as I did not have any treated timbers. And wood true to its nature rots in dirt water and chicken poop.

In other news,

The CPAP seems to be working.

I have some pepper sauce made out of some chili peppers from the garden. It is slightly hotter than the surface of the sun, very good on turnip greens. Which I might add are coming in quite well.

I am taking a class on reformed theology, quite interesting stuff, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Westminster Confession of Faith etc. These guys had a lot to say. Unfortunately they did not write it in, what I would term, the most captivating prose. Nonetheless, I am reading it and trying to absorb what I am reading.

I have a question I would like to ask you.
How much time did you spend as a child out side playing, and if you have kids how much time do they spend outside playing.
And do you discourage your kids from getting dirty

I spent almost all of my time outside summer and winter.
My kids do not spend as much time outside as I do but I would estimate on weekdays 4 to 5 yours and 5 to 7 on weekends.
I don’t care if they are dirty or not as long as they take an occasional shower

Snagely out

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