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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

Chicken Scouts

I have been joking my daughter about being a cub scout for years.
when my oldest boy started cubs and she found out that there were tiger cubs and wolf cubs and bear cubs she decided to be a chicken cub.

So i came up with a Chicken scout salute a chicken scout motto etc etc.
Well now she is signing up with some sort of girl scout thing called heritage girls.
My wife is trying to get her to stop calling it chicken scouts and to stop giving the chicken scout salute all the time. I guess in retrospect it was not the best idea for me to keep it up for 3 years.

coincidently the salute is to put your hand on top of your head so that your fingers stick up like a chickens comb.
the chicken scout motto is "lay an egg daily".
I could go on but i am afraid it could be used against me in court some day.
I do have the option of starting a group called the chicken scouts but my wife doesn't think it will fly.

I know i am a rat.

Snagley out.