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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 


Well my sweet wife is having to take brethene now.
for those of you who do not know it is to stop pre-term labors contractions.
we still have two months to go so we would like to not have the baby now.
brethene makes you really jumpy, it gives her headaches etc.
I love my wife. I thanked her for having the babies last night. I don't think it helped her much.
I am not so trite as to say I wish I could go through it for her. but I wish I could make it easier for her. She really does make my life lots easier.
she makes me lunch everyday.
while I am taking a shower she makes me a sandwich with two pieces of the good kind of lunch meat turkey cheese spicy mustard and Mayo. Then she packs some fresh tomato and fresh lettuce in a separate package so that I can add it prior to eating it.
then she puts some fruit in the sack along with some change for a cold drink and a package of snack crackers.
The day spa fell through. She does not want to go to one pregnant.
what else can I do for her?

Snagley out.