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Monday, August 21, 2006 

Weekend in review

The field trip to the Birmingham Museum of Art on Friday went really well.
They were having a Sioux Indian exhibit for kids, it was interactive and the kids loved it.

There were also a lot of paintings that I had studied in college that I was able to see first hand. Having 3 kids there, two of which could not have cared less about European oils meant I did not get to spend the time looking that I wanted to. But my oldest seemed to enjoy, what must have been in retrospect, an endless narrative about 15th century paintings.

Saturday we were invited to an outdoor show. There was Skeet shooting, 22 rifle shooting, Black powder shooting, and an archery range. My boys and I did the 22 rifles and then the archery course. It was the kind of archery where you walk in the woods to different stations and shoot at targets set up in difficult positions to test your skill.
We went with a friend who has two boys the same age as mine; they all had their bows. Four kids aged 6 to 8 at an archery range was a ton of fun. They had an absolute blast.

I shoot a Hoyt Hypertec, a 70 to 80 pound draw and aluminum arrows. It kept up with the Matthews switchback bows shooting carbon arrows in regard to accuracy.

That evening at the dinner I won a Remington 870 shotgun as a door prize. I had been trying to buy one for a long time but whenever I got a couple hundred dollars set aside I would have to buy a tire for the van or something like that. I never win stuff like that so I was and remain very excited.

We had to go shoot it so my boys and I went to the local wildlife management area shooting range and I shot it. I let my boys shoot a .410 gage shotgun . I am afraid my oldest is now hooked.
I am leaning toward the 700 in .308 still. I currently have a marlin 30 30 but i hunt over some bean fields where the 30 30 just doesn't quite cut it. In close sub 150 yards it is a great gun.

I have not decided on the gift for the wife. I am leaning toward the day spa trip. My wife is not feeling well. I think she is going into preterm labor. She is going to the doctor in the morning. if all goes well and the doctor says it is ok I think I will send her to the day spa with her best friend, if we can swing it financially.
Contributions welcome.