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Thursday, August 10, 2006 

The Chuckster, Queen of Pink, and Snagley for lunch

Chuck and the Queen of Pink showed up and took me to lunch.
Chuck was in rare form. He was dressed like a normal person for once except for those dang pink flip-flops that he wears.
The Queen of Pink was there too. An attractive woman, she was smoking a huge cigar in the front seat and blowing smoke rings at me in the back seat. I sat in the back squeezed in like a sardine between a basket of dirty laundry and a box of post it notes.

We made our greetings and QOP flicked cigar ashes on my shoes we loaded up and headed to the restaurant. Chuck was buying so we went to a sports bar. Chuck for some reason asked for two menus for his self. He ordered from one, and used the other menu to fashion himself a paper hat.

I ordered a philli cheese steak sandwich, which was good. QOP ordered a Pita looking roast beef sandwich, and Chuck had Wings or as he likes to say WANGS, “I think it is a Freudian slip”.

QOP smoked her cigar and put the ashes in my tea. Chuck passed gas as normal; I found out later this is why the QOP was smoking a cigar. Chuck is lactose intolerant, and spent the morning gorging on cottage cheese, the only way QOP can stand to be around him is to smoke cigars.

We talked about blogging, and the kids and fine cigars and good cognac.
QOP seems to think she will win the baby weight pool. I have not come up with a good prize for that yet either by the way.

A good time was had by all.
We spoke of all the embarrassing, and stupid things that we did back in college, of the friends that we had. QOP said I look nothing like myself, which I thought was an odd statement but I cant argue, I don’t exactly feel like myself anymore.
As they left Chuck and QOP waved goodbye, blew a smoke ring out the window shot me a bird and drove off.
as I understand it they are now headed off to Chuck E Cheese for a spirited skee ball tournament.

Snagley out