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Monday, August 07, 2006 

What in a Name

Why is it that baby names can cause so many problems?
In case you have been in a coma or living in a cave, my wife and I are expecting another baby. This is number 4. Yes I am that Potent, I dont even shake womens hands anymore without wearing gloves.

Names are a difficult thing to assign. The kid will have to carry the moniker the rest of its life. What if I give him or her a name that will cripple it for the rest of its life?
Case in point.
My mother worked at a department store when she was in her working years, he was a janitor and his name was Precious Darling Collins. Or what about Igor if I name him Igor will he be destined to be a lab assistant. If that is the case should I name the kid some really cool name like Thorn or Slade, nah it goes against my nature to do that to a kid?

And girl names are no better. But I do know a girl whose parents named her Candy and her last name is Barr. Somewhere in Birmingham the story goes of a kid named Nosmo King, spell it out. A guy in college was named Bear Bryant Jennings they called him Beary. The guy hated the name and had it legally changed to George when we were in college.

I hate androgynous names. I like to give a kid a name that will resound either femininity or masculinity. No boys named Sue, and no girls name Bo Anne, or any such foolishness as that.
My wifes side of the family has some really odd names. Emma Jean known to all as Emmer. She has an uncle named Bunion , an Aunt named Wilmer and some I cannot even begin to spell. Thelmer, Rogerina and of course i could not leave out Normaninna.

I am taking suggestions on names so fire away.
Remember though Moms have ultimate Veto power in the naming process