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Monday, July 03, 2006 

what happened Saturday

Got up and had coffee.
I worked with my oldest boy on the chicken coop. He is a huge help to me. He just loves to work, this will probably change as he gets older but I am enjoying working with him now. He is still young enough to talk to me. I was humbled about what is going through his mind at 8 years old. I thought his deepest thought was armpit noises as he recently learned that from a friend of his. He is having some interesting thoughts.

His first question to me was about getting married. He wanted to know how I got married and how I found his mother. I told him the story, and told him about how much I loved his mother. He said he loves her too. We talked about how it did not matter what he did in his life, that his Daddy was going to love him. That if he hit me with a stick, I might be angry with him but I would still love him. He then hit me with a stick. I chased him down and dunked his head in a washtub I was using to check tractor tires for leaks. Then I told him I still love him. He got a good laugh out of that.

We had a good talk about God. We are a religious family, and he had some very well thought questions. I answered them and we then took a break and had lunch.

After lunch we decided to water the garden. It takes about an hour to water the blue berries then the Scuppernongs, Muscadines, grapes, fig trees, and then water garden row by row. I love to read physics, and astronomy textbooks, I am not that smart but I am impressed by people who are. We talk about space a lot. He asked me how gravity works. And how does the gravity of the moon affect the tides. He saw this on TV the other day. I explained Isaac Newton to him and his stuff. Then luckily I had read a book on the tides and moon phases so I could talk to him about that. One of these days he is going to hit me with a question I cannot answer.

We then fed the chickens and cleaned out their water jug. Gathered the eggs (we got 10). Then we had supper. We watched some TV and went to bed.
I pray with the kids every night and sing to them when they are in bed. They usually request something silly. Like Pudding Head Purvis, or Rock Climbing Rodo.
They went to sleep then I went to bed.

snagley out