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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 

News from the world of Snagley

the EYEROCKER is being held hostage.
go by and leave him a comment.

I am going on a work vacation to the beach and leaving tomorrow. wont be back till monday.

news in the world of Snagley.

I got a new well pump so i can pump water up out of the ground to water the garden so i wont have any more 60.00 water bills.

I still dont have a tractor so i am considering buying a troy built lawn tractor, a 25 hp one. anybody know anything about them?

My wife is not as sick as she has been, maybe we are making a turn and she will start feeling better.

my Greek post yesterday said that my supervisor resigned yesterday. I am hoping that the owner of the company will not sell the joint and leave me jobless. there are not alot of job oportunities for wine swilling chicken farmers.

i am still working on the chicken coop anex. as happens with me i ran out of time and money. so donations are being taken to the build Fuzzy Britches ,the blind hen, a house fund.

Snagley out.