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Friday, June 09, 2006 

group terms

A group of crows is called a murder; I think that group terms are interesting I came across a few of them in a book this morning. A bunch of eagles are called a convocation. Who came up with this stuff? Granted I like the sound of a convocation of eagles, it is better than a convention of Eagles, you can tell the convention of Eagles because at the convention they are drinking beer and everyone is wearing a fez.
What about a group of Opossums they did not mention this one. I know some places where a group of opossums would be called a feast of opossums.
Here are several that I have come up with on my own. Or with some assistance.

1. A whiff of skunks
2. A stagger of drunks
3. A din of Cub Scouts, this of course is different from a Den of Cub Scouts
4. The weekly poker game (this is a grouping of fathers of cub scouts on the night of the weekly meeting)
5. A screaming mimi of snakes (I just tossed that one in)
6. A gossip of soccer moms
7. The Liars Club would be a assembly of fishermen
8. A grumble of Snagley would be a group of young snagleys complaining about having to clean their rooms.

If you have any additions that I missed please feel fee to add them.
I need to join a bleary eye of employees headed to the coffee pot now

Snagley out