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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 

Insight into Snagley

1. I love my wife
2. If I could I would be a farmer again, and spend all my time with my family.
3. I don’t enjoy the company of most people.
4. I don’t trust politicians
5. I think few parents expect their kids to behave.
6. I think kids ought to be able to spend large amounts of time playing in the dirt.
7. I only fear death from the perspective of how it would affect those that I love.
8. I think of how I broke the hearts of girls when I was single daily with great regret.
9. I do not enjoy my career.
10. In the next presidential election I believe we will be asked to choose between two horrible candidates who will not help the country at all. The best political slogan will be. (I promise to not do as much damage as my opponent). I believe we will have to choose between the lesser of two evils. And we will suffer regardless of who is elected.
11. I think we are kidding ourselves if we think that the Middle Eastern countries will live and let live.
12. I don’t listen to music much because I don’t like it anymore. No other reason. I am just tired of hearing the same crap. And new music is not worth the time.
13. My shoe that I am wearing now has a hole in the heel.
14. My favorite shoes are a pair Herman Survivor work boot that a dead man I never knew left me.
15. I hate squash in any form
16. My wife makes the best salsa in the world.
17. Paul Newman makes the second best salsa in the world.
18. I can make a better sandwich than you.
19. I like my sheets line dried in the sun.
20. I once drank fermented horse milk