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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 

EGAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am having to work late tonight and just got a call that Son #1 my 8 year old has a run in with poison control.

This is a good one folks so read on.

We have had some kind of rodent die in my daughter’s walls. I have searched the attic and the crawl space and found nothing. I took everything out of her room including her bed and closet and searched and found nothing but the room reeks. I mean it smells bad.
It makes my wife sick so I have shut the doors and opened the windows and abandoned it till this weekend when I may tear out the sheet rock.

I bought a large tub of odor absorbing jell. It is supposed to make it stink less. So far it has not lived up to expectations.

Well it has sat there since Monday. Today Son #1 goes into the room and for some inexplicable reason he gets a hand full of it and eats it. What quantum leaps of logic propagate a 8 year olds head, that would cause him to enter an empty room, that smells like a dead rat, and eat some jell from a dirty 5 gallon bucket.

My sweet wife calls poison control and they say that he is no health danger but he could easily get drunk from the high alcohol content of the jell, and due to his size it could cause low blood sugar afterwards.
So she has to feed him sugary stuff.
This kid is Dr. Jeckel Mr. Hyde when it comes to sugar.

Anyway, I am working late so I will not be home before 7:00. I am doing computer stuff so I really only have to watch it and make sure it finishes. So I decided to tell you, my loyal readers, about the latest debacle to strike the Snagley house hold.

I am taking donations to the buy Snagley a cool beer fund; either that or I will plan a barf-a-thon taking pledges for each time my wife barfs this week.

Nobody took me up on the interview Snagley or ask Snagely post. Inquiring minds aren't interested.

Snagley out.