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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 


I took the cubs to Ruffner Mountain last weekend.
A good time was had by all, We hiked 1.2 miles to a quarry then looked for fossils.

As usual, as a good cub leader, I called and emailed the entire cub scout pack weeks in advance, and had it on the calendar one year in advance to alert all parents to the fact that we will begin promptly at 9:30.
And as usual a parent called me at 9:15 asking for directions and telling me as soon as he put on some drawers and dresses his crumb muncher he will be there. We managed to begin the hike at 10:00, which for this group ain’t all that bad.

Ruffner Mountain is in the middle of the city. 1100 acres of trees in the middle of a concrete jungle.
Most of these kids are city boys that rarely see sunshine so I like to show them the outdoors. We found some fossils, waded in puddles, had a sack lunch, and ran hither and yon like a bunch of wild creatures.

I had 4 parents and one cub leader second class in tow. One of them packed in a gas stove and made coffee.

I brought both of my boys who stepped into every puddle they could find in their new shoes.

This post is quite pointless but there it is.Maybe I can get some better material with the help of some Bourbon that Chuck is supposed to get me as a gift for getting my wife pregnant.

Lets all stop in and visit Chuck and let him know that Snagley is waiting.