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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

snagley speaks

1. No it was not a suprise we both despreatly want this baby
2. Yes i know what causes it (and i aint stoping that anytime soon)
3. No i am not crazy
4. Yes i already have a house full
5. Yes my wife gets really sick when pregnant.
6. Yes her medicine cost 36 dollars per pill (thats right folks $36.00)
7. No i dont care
8. Yes my kids are profoundly excited. The most excited i have ever seen them.
9. Yes i love kids, i hate the thought of there not being children in my house one day.
10. Yes i am for real
11. Yes this puts off the purchase of that tractor i have been wanting and the rifle and the ect.
12. Yes i think it is worth it.
13. Yes pi is 3.14159
14. No thank, you we have enough eggs
15. Yes i did throw my back out and Yes i am in pain today.
16. No i did not throw my back out during conception
17. Yes i would have sang "Fat Bottomed Girls" if i was on american idol but not a country version.

Snagley out.