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Thursday, March 30, 2006 

My parents love birthdays, they celebrate each one with presents and cake. When I was a kid and when I had a birthday I got to choose what kind of cake I would get. Mom would make me whatever I wanted, she had an ancient cake decorating set and would put all that gooey rich icing that adults hate and kids love.

When I lived with them we would call any relative who had a birthday and then my parents, my sister and I would sing happy birthday at the top of our lungs to the lucky birthday person.

When I went to college my first birthday away from home mom and dad sang happy birthday to me. I remember it distinctly as my first phone call birthday singing. I have looked forward to that call every year since then. It is fun to hear 80 something year old people singing happy birthday at the top of their lungs. I know I will miss that call a lot when I get old myself.

When you sing happy birthday to someone you acknowledge that that person has lived another year. That is something a lot of people did not do this last year.

When my kids have a birthday, I go stomping into their room before they wake up. I start singing happy birthday at the top of my lungs. Then I pick them up over my head and march through the house singing to them. Then I feed them breakfast. I would imagine it is a memorable event for a young kid. They seem to enjoy it. They also get to eat cake for breakfast. It’s a fun day all around.