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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

A day in the life

Hi Snagley is out today so he has asked his rooster Soggy Bottom to quest post for today
So without further delay he will diagram his day for you. I am Bo’s administrative assistant Cecil I will be taking dictation for Soggy Bottom today.

3:59 am Wake up.
4:00 am Crow my brains out.
4:01 am Crow my brains out.
4:02 am Continue crowing my brains out until 5:15 am
5:16 am Peck around at the dirt.
5:22 am scratch the dirt with my feet.
6:15 am here comes Snagley to throw me some corn. I think I will show off by mating with several of the hens.
6:16 am Bask in the afterglow
6:17 am Dodge corn thrown at me by Snagley.
6:18 am Watch the hens eat corn.
6:19 am Poop
6:20 am eat some corn
6:30 am Those Snagley kids are out. Maybe they will pull some turnip greens and throw them in the coop if I crow my brains out.
6:35 am Eat turnip greens like a pig.
7:00 am breed with hen stupid enough to get within reach
7:01 am Spend more time basking in the afterglow
8:00 am Roll around in the dirt
8:15 am shake the dirt out of my feathers.
8:30 am spend some time breeding with some more hens
8:31 am climb up to the top of the roost and bask in the afterglow.
9:45 am Run around like crazy trying to catch a bug
10:39 am Crow my brains out.
12:15 pm poop
1:00 pm here comes Snagley’s wife with some vegetable scraps. I think I will try to scare her by crowing my brains out.
1:01 pm Eat vegetable scraps
1:19 pm poop
2:00 pm breed with random hen that wandered by
2:01 pm crow my brains out.
2:02 pm bask in the afterglow
2:02 pm wait on Snagley to get home and throw some more corn
5:30 pm sorry took a nap.
5:35 pm Snagley is back, climb on his shoulder
5:35 pm Eat corn out of Snagley’s hand
6:00 pm poop
6:01 pm herd hens onto the roost.
6:05 pm POOP
6:15 pm Sleep

Its good to be the rooster.