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Friday, March 17, 2006 

request a post

Chuck has brought it to my attention that my posts are more boring than a convention of city planners discussing sewer flow rates.

So in an effort to spice it up a bit I offer the following, request a post of Snagley.

Give me requests for posts and I will fill them.

for example you could request a post on how Bo Snagley collects eggs, or how Snagley washes his feet.

the possibilities are endless.

well get on with it.

Snagley Out


I will take it under advisement.

I use a pressure washer to remove the dirt from beneath my toenails. I have been trimming them with a set of bolt cutters.

Yes Chuck does need help. A team of psychiatrists working around the clock for the next 10 years, might make a dent.

My favorite sandwich is ham cut from a bone in ham, warmed with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, on home made whole wheat bread lightly toasted. It must be cut diagonally with miracle whip salad dressing added after the toasting and ham warming and Beaver brand honey mustard, with a whole dill pickle on the side. It must be served before the bread has a chance to cool so any side items must be prepared prior with the plate prepared and waiting.


I will get a chicken post for next week

Chuck is right.
That night was just before his wedding. He took me out with his two attractive cousins and a woman I think was his grandmother. The two attractive cousins got free drinks so they kept getting me highballs and tequila shooters. I drank 6 highballs and 5 shooters. I scarcely remember the rest of the evening other than being poured into bed and barfing into a trashcan. Chuck said that I practiced tai chi at the bar, flirted borderline offensively, with his cousins, exposed myself to his grandmother, and sang the Jose Cuervo drinking song a lot. It was a memorable night for those involved.

I keep my socks stuffed into the drawer in general chaos and disorder which is representative of my outlook on life.


Your request will require an entire post not a reply. Give you some time you impatient nincompoop.