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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

One less Snagley

Well it was another hard night at the Snagley home.
My stupid dog Patsy was hit by a car and died.
The kids took it hard especially son #2. Son #1 hugged him and they both cried for hours. We went to get ice cream and that helped some. Then we came home and then Son #1 broke down, after much rocking in the beloved rocking chair he went to sleep.

In all truth I never really liked the dog all that much. She pooped and peed all over my workshop, and chewed up many of my belongings. I have been around dogs all my life this one was a dim bulb. But my kids loved her, and I took care of her and spend untold dollars on her.
I don’t know if I will get another dog anytime soon. I am sure the kids will give me the big doe eyes and I will get them one. It will not be a beagle or another hunting dog. I need a dog that does not like to move around a lot, and knows a good deal when it sees it. Those dogs are few and far between.
Well good-bye Patsy.

In other news
Murphy has alerted me that the inscription on my afore blogged ring bears an all caps chineese message that is less than flattering. Thanks for the heads up Murf. I have installed the ring on the leg of one of my chickens. Unfortunately the chicken has since disappeared. I do hear a haunting crowing every morning. Oh well easy come easy go.