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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

hapless rambeling

I keep selling out of eggs. I am planning another chicken coop on the other side of my workshop. The hens average about 9 per day. That is 72 per week or 6 dozen a week. I know it will pick up this summer but I cannot keep up with the demand.

Another of my cousins died three days ago. The grandson of my cousin who died 3 months ago at 110. His mother is still living at 91. He was only 61 years old. His mother is very sad. It is a horrible thing to outlive your children.

When I was 17 they came to our house to visit. Another of their grandchildren who was about 6 at the time spent the night with me in a tent. I saw him yesterday he is 28 now. He said that me spending the night in that tent in the back yard with him has stuck with him his ever since then. He said that I took the time with him so that he would not be afraid, and talked with him as a person not a kid. I don’t really remember this event other than it rained a little. No point to this story just retelling it.

When I was a kid I had an Uncle Claude. He was my great uncle. He always took time to play catch with me. He always gave me 5 dollars every time I saw him. I loved the guy a lot. When he was a young man he was a wild man from what I understand. But when I came along he was not. When I got older he would sit with me and talk to me like an adult. He was a WWII veteran who saw much combat in Europe. He was very active in his church. One of his kids worked for NASA designing many parts of the space station. One of his grandkids graduated from Annapolis and flew fighter jets off of aircraft carriers. I was missing him today. He died when I was in college. Because of him I have always tried to make time for kids as he modeled to me.

In other news. No panties on the Olympics last night, the men’s figure skating was on. They made Liberace look like a hobo. It was not to my liking so I watched some reruns of F Troup, that corporal Agarn cracks me up.