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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

Winter Olympics

The winter Olympics.
So far boredom personified. I have tried to get into the Olympics but so far no good.
I don’t understand the rules of any of the competitions. On the downhill skiing and on the speed skating the winner and the looser are separated by 10 and 100ths of a second, so when they are running by themselves it all looks like the same guy in a different set of long johns.

I of course do enjoy the figure skating. As far as I can tell from watching it young women get on the ice and so the same routine as the previous young woman. The one who has the best figure wins. What I like about this event is it is one of the few winter sports that the women wear clothing that lets your see their panties. All other of the women’s events the women wear tight clingy long johns. Tight clingy long johns have their place don’t get me wrong. Most of the women speed skaters, from the looks of it could whup me with one skate tied behind her back, and frankly it would take a healthy set of panties to hold back all that muscle. But I am willing to bet that the figure skaters get better ratings than the speed skaters.

This ratings thing is why the Olympic beach volleyball team has to wear swimsuits to play volleyball. A few years back an attractive woman named Gabriel Reese tried to wear a full-length pair of stretchy pants made of spandex, but they said, “No dice, put on a swimsuit so we can see your butt cheeks when you lunge for the ball. While you are at it, if you can bend over a lot so that we can take close up pictures of you bending over that would sure help ratings too”.

What is my point? I don’t have one.

Snagley out.