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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

valentines day

Valentines day

As many of you know I am monetarily challenged. That is code for broke most of the time. The problem with this is that when Valentines Day rolls around my sweet bride usually gets bubkus. For the last several years we have agreed to not exchange birthday or Christmas presents because we are broke. I still have not sold our old house so I continue to make utility and house payments on it. If it ever sells things will be good again.
I am not complaining mind you. I live the good life. I have everything I need and most of what I want. I have a great wife and great kids and I am reasonably healthy, and I get to go fishing occasionally.

So I am calling on yall to help out the Snag.
What can I do for her that costs little but will make her heart flutter?
Occupants of Snagleyshire come forward with suggestions.

I do love her profusely and tell her daily at a minimum. She is good to our kids and me. She home schools the kids and makes me a lunch every morning. She rarely complains. She is a wonder wife.

Well get on with it fire away some ideas.

Snagley out.