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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

AI Update

American Idol.

Ok only one word for those of you who watched the show. Zachary (what the hell)

It was another good night for idiots. What cracked me up about old Zack is he sounded like a vacuum cleaner sucking rocks. He sang a Whitney Houston song like a vacuum cleaner then said the judges were predigest because he sucked. He got his clothes from Jr miss and a local thrift store. Zack if you want to dress like a nut go ahead.
Its just like I say. I would fight a war to protect Zachary and his rights to dress like a preteen girl. But I would not buy a pop album of him sounding like a vacuum cleaner sucking rocks while dressing like a preteen girl.
Us Snagleys are old fashioned like that.

In other news Piss Boy has chosen another moniker, he wishes to be called Urine Technician. So in my normal mode of politically correctness I shall henceforth refer to Chuck as Urine Tech. I am abbreviating Technician because all the typing gives me carpel tunnel syndrome.

I have not passed the stone yet. I have drunk enough water to float a beer looter. With any luck Chuck will find that thing soon and I will be able to put this behind me.

Oh by the way Thrill Seekers the chickens are laying 10 to 11 eggs per day. Snagley Out.