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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 

american idol

American idol.
Man that show cracks me up. My favorite part of the entire show is what is going on now.
You got all these dufases up there that think they can sing. They get up there and sound like Lucy Ricardo on the Lucy show trying to get to perform at the Tropicana with Ricky. Then Simon tells them the truth that they sound like an ostrich with larengitis. Last night he told some girl that she sounded like a sack full of cats being beaten with a stick. good stuff

For some reason their Mommas don’t pull them aside and say. “Baby please don’t go on that show. You sound like someone beating a sack of cats with a stick, and baby if you insist on going on that show despite your sainted mothers warning, don’t wear those clothes, you will look like a crack whore”.

I am also in the midst of a kidney stone attack. Chuck offered to come to the hospital and hold my hand should the need arise. Instead I shall have him follow me around with a bucket and strain my urine in search of the stone in case I pass it. I shall refer to him as “Piss Boy”

Snagley out.