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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 

scavenger hunt

I heard of a scavenger hunt the other day, I was reminded of a scavenger hunt we made the pledges go on when I was in college. Chuck might have had to go on this one I can’t remember but it was a hoot. We made them go find impossible and embarrassing things.
I thought I would try to list a few.

1. A pair of our faculty advisors underwear. He had to be wearing them just prior to acquiring them
2. A picture of the gates at Graceland.
3. One red female pubic hair. It had to have a signature and phone number of the previous owner of the hair for verification.
4. The stone lion from the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.
5. A gallon of tobacco spit.
6. A pair of panties from a particular music major.
7. An autographed photo of Vanilla Ice.

It went on and on. They did come back with most of these items. I had to call the girl and verify the authenticity of the pubic hair some how they convinced the girl to give them one. I did not ask how, but I did meet her latter at a party and she told me she was the girl I spoke with on the phone about the pubic hair. I did not know what to say back, so I asked her if she had any left. She said yes that she had quite a few. I did not verify this information so I never knew for sure.

Chuck and some other pledge came up with a gallon of tobacco spit; I wonder what happened to it.

And, someone got the faculty advisors underwear. White grippies, the old guy was a good sport.

They did not have the guts to get the panties from the music major.
And the autographed photo of vanilla ice was forged.