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Monday, December 12, 2005 

I got a headache today.
I had someone put their fingers on my temples and they could feel the muscle spasms too.
I took a goody’s powder and it has helped. It is stress I know it is.

In other news,,,,
I hate working in a office. If I had my way I would work outside every day rain or shine for the rest of my life. I worked outdoors most of my life in rain and extreme temperatures, this is my second office job.

In an outdoor job the pros are

1. When you manage an outdoor crew and you have a problem with anyone you can fire them on the spot. I have dragged people out from under trucks by their boots and fired them for sleeping on the job. I had their job filled by lunch.
a. In an office if I have a problem with someone I have to try to salvage the time I have spent on them, and put up with their griping an bellyaching.

2. You stay in shape. I spent a year with a pick and shovel in my hand. Working like a freaking slave. I hated ever moment of it until I worked my way into management but I was in shape. I have always made it my policy to outwork everyone else on the job. When working with immigrants that can be a challenge. I swung a pick 14 hours a day 6 days a week for 16 months and outworked everyone there. I was as hard as a rock.
a. In this office I have moved up from a 34 waist to a tight 36. I am out of shape. My skin is pale and I have no physical outlet for my daily stress other than a damn keyboard.

3. I feeling the seasons change. I love watching the leaves change color and feel the days get warmer and cooler. I love working before daylight and seeing the day awaken. I love working till after dark and seeing the stars come out.
a. In the office I feel the same temp year round. And I see these damn florescent lights day in and day out. I feel like Tom Hanks in Joe vs. the volcano. After a while they begin to suck the life out of you.

4. In the field people band together to get a job done. No damn office politicks. If there are any I fire them. We work hard to meet a deadline and when we leave the job we all feel proud for a job well done. We all share the credit for a job well done.
a. In an office there is corporate backstabbing. You have people sabotaging your efforts to bring more credit to them and less to you.

Can you tell I am not to be messed with today.