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Monday, November 14, 2005 

In other news

Well I thought I would give you an update on the afore blogged Hen, fuzzy britches.
I put her in a cage so that she could bulk up and rehabilitate. And I discovered she is blind in one eye. This explains all the weird looks that she gives me tilting her head to one side. I went out this morning and found one of my Roosters dead. It had no marks on it at all and last night it was in fine health. One of the boys threw a persimmon into the chicken coop, I am wondering if he choked on a seed.

Boy #2 and I had the barf virus this weekend. Fun, fun, joy, joy.

Some weirdo had his car expire in our yard this weekend. I walked down there to check on him. He acted as if he were an escapee from an ultra max prison. He said he wanted in my house to use the phone, he actually said “I need in your house”. I wear a cell phone 97.2% of the time had had one then that he said he did need it, but said he needed to go in the house.
I told him that hell had not frozen over quite yet. I checked it our and he was out of gas. I gave him enough gas to make it about a mile to a filling station. I seriously think this guy was up to something. But ain’t nobody going in my house that I don’t know, who also seems insane. If he tries to break in while I am not there my wife will kill him. I would hate for her to do it, but I know she would. Snagley Acres can be a dangerous place for lunatic strangers when Mamma Snagley has kids around she is protective.
I once saw her shoot an oil can off of a stump at 50 yards with a pistol.
If your wife can shoot an oilcan off of a stump at 50 yards, you might be a red neck.

In other news, I am still on to build Chuck a gate this weekend; we should have at least one good story out of that. Hopefully some pictures too.

I will be on vacation for the rest of the week. So unless someone feels charitable and wants to do a guest post things will be slow on the Snagley blog this week.
Hopefully I will have some new stories to tell next week.
Snagley out.