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Monday, October 31, 2005 

I'm Back


Well good to be back. Looks like Chuck and Qop did an excellent job on the old blog here. I did accomplish quite a bit on my week off, it was quite a week.
Future post will contain

1. The Snagley dogs, cats and chickens in heat.
2. Actual work accomplished.
3. Poison Oak
4. Goofier than normal kids.
5. Turnip greens and corn bread.

Also when we rode to the mall in college we were properly wearing our underwear. If you ask why we did it I honestly have no idea. I’ll bet I could have given you an existential reason back then and could have talked you into going with us. I could talk Chuck into about anything back then.
When I looked at the picture of me with the toilet seat in my head, I had to pause and acknowledge Damn I am a good-looking man.

Who wants to hear what story first.