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Saturday, October 29, 2005 

Blogging For Snagley.....

Howdy folks! This is Chuck sitting in for the vacationing Snagley, and believe it or not....this is a picture of old Snagley back in college. I believe this picture was taken sometime in 1987 or 88. Those of you who have read this blog from the early days may remember when I last posted for him while he was away. I think it was sometime in February or March. I wrote all about how I first met Snagley in the 2nd floor bathroom in our college dorm. It was beautifully told, full of drama and comedy, and quite a bit of toilet humor. Unfortunately, upon his return, he “accidently” deleted the factual tale. So those of you who weren’t reading back then really missed out.

When he asked me to guest blog this time I had intended to, once again, write about some of our early adventures. Maybe share more about the Alligator, (originally told in three parts here, here and here) or tell you all about the time we drove to the mall completely naked and the side splitting antics along the way. Well, obviously none of that happened. This past week became a work week from hell for me, and my free time (meaning when I was sober) was little and hard to come by. I barely had time to post on my own blog. Even coming up with my nearly award winning Half-Nekkid Thursday picture was a struggle. So, I regret that this will be the only post I will be able to grace upon the Snagley blog.....for now. But since I have his log in and password there is no telling what I may come up with sometime in the future!!

There is one good thing that’s been done though. I’m sure you’ve noticed the place looks a little different around here. Snag had also asked me if I would be willing to spruce the place up some, and I told him I’d see what I could do. Being the Internet idiot that I am I was unable to do it alone, so I asked The Queen of Pink to help me out, and voila...You now have a new and improved Bo Snagley dot com. All I really did was pick out the template and she did all the rest. The lovely QoP was like your friendly furniture mover. I would simply say, “Put that over here, and turn this around and slide it down there.” She took care of it. The woman has skills.

Okay, that’s it for me for now. Bo will be back on Monday and I’m sure he’ll be pretty dang busy trying to catch up on missed work, but maybe he’ll post. If not, I’m sure he’ll get one of his usual “total exciting” posts up as soon as he can.