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Monday, October 17, 2005 

Snagley Rants.

Do you ever wonder?

Why we get worked up so much about political candidates. They are all crooked, from you dog catcher to the president. And it does not matter what country you are in they are all the same. Don’t act surprised when one of them steals money from your children’s education to fund a casino or a new stadium. In Alabama the kids are studying in squalor and the educational bureaucrats spent thousands on centerpieces for an education conference, and misplaced millions about 5 years ago. Then the crooked politicians wonder why we won’t vote for more taxes for education. They can’t manage what we entrust them with now.

What that little oil slick on top of your coffee is. My local Waffle House restaurant serves the best coffee in the world, and it has just such an oil slick. Do they add pig fat to my coffee?

Why women wear thong panties and don’t remove the tag from the back of them. In most cases the tag shows through the back. To the teen-age girls around here a thong panty is considered an accessory, not an undergarment. High school girls got them hanging out the back of their pants like some sort of invitation to the high school boys to give them an atomic wedgie. I would have flunked out of school for sure. I was driven to distraction by a bra strap when I was in high school. I remember when I was 13 the hot 16 year old librarian’s assistant with the pink bra strap used to drive us boys crazy. But we did spend a lot of time in the library.

Why people go out in public looking like they were just escaped from a carnival freak show. I saw two different women at my local Wal-Mart the other day. My wife and I were trying to find bicycles for our kids for Christmas. This woman in her 50s was wearing a v-neck sweater with no bra, and she had her chest covered with body glitter. You could almost see the woman’s navel. This woman also could not pull it off. BARF. Her husband was wearing a pair of tan san-a-belt slacks and a white v-neck sleeveless t-shirt.
The second woman was wearing a tank top with a sports bra and a pair of stretchy shorts that were doing some serious clinging. The sports bra and tank top might have fit her 11-year-old daughter. And the shorts might have fit an anorexic Malibu Barbie. This is appropriate only if you are working at a strip club, or you are exercising at home with the curtains down and doors locked. Don’t make me explain 50-year-old female anatomy to my children.

How a sicko could molest his own children. A respected member of a local community was recently imprisoned for molesting his children over a 20-year span. His 14-year-old daughter told a friend what happened and the friend told her mother. This sicko had 8 kids and molested the three girls. They all latter confessed that he had done this to them as well. This piece of garbage, this blight on society, sexually molested the children that he and his wife gave birth to. He was a respected doctor who lived in a 7,000 square foot house. His wife was oblivious, and now she is trying to support the 8 kids with an 11,000-dollar a year job. My church is trying to step up and help this woman and her family. I heard a story about this rat bastard yesterday; he was in the prison watching TV in the prisons TV room when his story came on the air. A picture of his face came on the TV and about 20 other prisoners beat the crap out of him. It is a wonder to me that the wife’s father did not kill the man.