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Friday, October 07, 2005 

True Story about Jack and the flounder

When I was on the farm as a kid there was a Wino named Jack who worked with us. He was born in the house he lived in and had never ventured out of the county. He was a fun loving nut, but he could not shake alcohol.
One day Mr. Mack Harper had gone down to the Gulf of Mexico and been fishing. He came back with an icebox full of flounder. When I got to the barn he was cleaning them. I walked over and began to talk and cut up with him, as was our custom early in the morning. Then Jack walked over. He looked at those flounder and then at Mr. Harper. He said Mr. Mack where did you get those fish. Mr. Mack said, “Jack I went fishing up there behind the Browns Ferry nuclear power plant. We caught these fish up there. Jack looked at those flounder, flounder have their eyes on the same side of their head and they look odd. He said Mr. Mack I don’t believe I would eat those fish if I was you, they don’t look quite right”. Then he went off shaking his head and muttering to his self about anyone crazy enough to fish at a nuclear power plant. I don’t know if anyone ever told him what a flounder was or not, but he never did eat one of those nuclear fish.