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Thursday, September 22, 2005 

Snagley Sets Sail

Whenever you see the US Navy launch a new ship, you always see a bunch of high level officers and the President all standing around in their absolute best uniforms and clothes. Now I know why. It is the “I am wearing my good pants” rule. They are not getting on that ship either. Let this be a lesson to you.

I decided we needed to christen our raft like the Navy does, so I told Sven to bust his bottle of Pepsi on the raft. Sven said no so we drank his Pepsi and bashed the crap out of the raft, we busted several of the fence posts loose before we decided we better stop or there would be no raft left.

I climbed upon the Raft and shoved off. The raft began to sink. The “water” was more of sludge, so I decided to try to ride it out rather than swim for it. The raft sank to the point just beneath my ankles and stopped. I floated down the crick and into the swamp. All along the way cows would run the other way. There were reports after this episode were that, not only would the cattle refuse to drink but they also refused to be driven to water. The image of young Snagley walking on water was too much for them to handle. Reports got back to my Mom that I was seen walking down the middle of Sven’s Creek with bundles of fence posts under each arm. Mom told these busy bodies to stop making up crazy stories about me, that I had enough problems as it is without a bunch of old gossips making up outlandish stories about me.

When Sven’s Dad found out about his fence posts he made us bring them back to his barn. During the many long walks that it took, carrying fence posts through the muck of the swamp, while fighting off swarms of Mosquitoes that had been crossbred with hawks. Sven and I decided that maybe we would abandon our boat building for a while. Heck, it was probably for the best, I couldn’t swim anyway.