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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

How i lost my virginity

The QUeen of pink had a post about people loosing their virginity.
Chuck left quite a series of comments so i left the following.
it is not my normal post but it cracks me up here it is

I was 22 years old. My service in the French foreign legion was up. I was a free man again. I began wondering the streets in search of a job and fulfillment. My first stop was Ethel’s garage. I walked in the door and there stood Ethel. She was an attractive 41-year-old woman she was wearing a black leather sleeveless jumpsuit. She had a born to wrestle mules tattoo on her forearm. I was wearing my Legionnaires uniform with my discharge pen on my chest. She asked me “what the hell do you want”; I answered “a job and fulfillment”.She gave me a job in the oil pit, changing the oil in the cars and trucks that came for service.One night I was in the oil pit and she came down there with me. She had a can of 10W40 in one hand and the gearshift from a 71 nova in the other. She stripped down to her rubber thong and slathered herself with the motor oil then she made me strip and she poured the motor all over my body. She took my manhood in her hand and said. Dang boy, this is what I was born for. She worked me we made love beneath the oil drain pit in Ethel’s garage. I gave her my innocence; she gave me a job, fulfillment and a gearshift from a 71 nova.