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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Vacaton over and too short... way too short.

Well I am back

I had a fair vacation. I got a lot done. I did not get the hen house built. I did get the pavers down for a walk to my parent’s apartment. I cut a lot of grass and planted some greens in the garden. Cleaned out my workshop, a major undertaking. I did not get much rest.

In college my first year I had a bout of insomnia, I went to doctors and they told me “yeah you cant sleep”. I seem to be going through it again. If I take Sleeping pills I will sleep, but I wake up feeling as if I did not, actually I wake up feeling worse that if I did not sleep at all. If you have ever been a true insomniac you know that you are awake at night but you are tired. I used to go about 4 nights with maybe 2 hours per night then I would crash hard and sleep for 7 or 8 hours then right back at it. I don’t know if I was struggling with this when Chuck and I roomed together in college but my freshman year was horrible. But I digress.
I can’t sleep again. Red wine will do wonders, but it just ain’t cutting the mustard now. If I go to anything stronger or drink more I just wake up hung over which is worse than being tired. If history is any indicator it will pass.

I did do lots of physical labor, which did get my testosterone levels way up. Time will tell if my wife made through my vacation unimpregnated. I would like another kid so I hope she is good and knocked up.
Snagley Out.