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Friday, September 02, 2005 

What are friends for

As some of you know I moved about a year ago.
My mother is 80 and my father is 85 they are not in the worst of health but not able to be on their own completely.

We moved into their house all 5 of us and they moved into the apartment beside the house. My previous home was in a fair to bad neighborhood, and was our first house. Prior to that we lived in apartments. We moved at the request of my parents. And since we have moved I realize that if we had not they would have had to move into some form of assisted living. This way my Mother and Father get to live at home, and I do what they cannot. They love it. They like having the grandkids here and the kids love it. They respect my wife’s privacy and try to leave her alone as much as they can. They cook their meals we cook ours, at least for now.

Anyway having the bills at the old house and at the new house were killing us. I was hesitant about selling the old house till I saw how things went, so I rented it. The renters trashed the carpet and left the whole house smelling like cat poop. So it has set idle for about 7 months. I could not afford to fix the house up to sell and it took all of my resources to pay the bills.

I called a friend of mine whose wife is undergoing chemotherapy to check on them, I did not mention any of this to him.
He asked about it and I confided that I don’t have enough money to fix it up.
He called his crew and had them clean out the yard pressure wash the outside do the flower gardens, rip up the carpet and replace, and paint the entire inside. He then put an add in the paper for me advertising the house. He did all of this without me asking him to do it.
Recent medical bills for my wife’s hospitalization and my daughter’s ambulance bills in addition to the cost of moving wiped out any savings we had. We are not behind on any bills but we could only make our monthly commitments.

Then we suddenly needed some money for the kid’s school. He found out about this and sent us a check for the fees. I told him that I could not repay him anytime soon and that I could not repay him for the work on the house until the house sells. He said no problem. He even took steps to make sure that I did not feel guilty about it.

Well folks I was in tears. Old Snagley is not known for tears.

I wish all of you had a friend like mine. I wish all of you could have a friend like this. I hope I can be this type of friend when I find folks in need.